This is just an example of an friendly letter(essay) using the technique of emotion to make the letter more catching and emotion catching. To make people want to read it.

An easy example that is very emotional. It will give readers ideas for there future essays. The content has a specialized theme so that readers would enjoy the emotion put into the letter. Please comment what you think :) .

506 Country Lane       
North Baysville, CA 53286
July 16, 2007       
Dear Peter Tran,

    It was such a long time since I last saw you, I believe it was four years ago when you had your 12th birthday. You were so very happy when you got that piano you have allways talked about to your wonderful parents.
    Your birthday is coming up very soon Peter. As days pass you are getting older and older, so I have decided to give you five pieces of advice to help you out when you dont know what to do.

    1. Very soon you will start a career, because I know that you would want extra money to spend on things you want. If your job is temporary or not, you will still be under some stress because working is a stressful thing. Since you must continue going to school you’ll still get homework. Aswell you have a job so you are most likely busy everyday. The fact that you are working means that you barely have time for your homework and since you must do your homework you will be put under more stress and eventually become over stressed.
    Be cautious of getting anxiety, that is the worst thing you can have with your stress. If you are experiencing anxiety and lots of stress I suggest contacting the administrator of your workplace and asking for a couple days off work, since anxiety and a large amount of stress combined can disturb your mental health meaning you will get a “nervous breakdown” also known as a “mental breakdown”, I know this from experience twenty years ago.
    A mental break down is a combination of anxiety stress and sometimes depression. It is very overwhelming and puts people into a state were they often have an inibility to sleep, loss of apetite, and lethargy. This often leaves’ people feeling exausted frequently, emotionally unstable, loss of confidence and self esteem aswell as feeling completely drained. This will effect you tremendously because doing daily things in life such as brushing your teeth and getting up in the morning will become a very challenging to do.
    Making an apointment with your local doctor might help, they will use medical treatment such as antidepressants or tranquilisers to help you with your depression, anxiety or sleeping problem. There are other options such as anything relaxing like exercise, yoga, reflexology,or tai chi.

    2. At this age you will most likely become more independent, but you must not become distant from your family other wise you will have problems connecting with your parents. This might lead to conflict within the family because of none or little cooperation and one day you will not be able to handle your problems and most likely run away from home for a while and hiding at your friends house. Doing such a thing is terrible because your parents would be frightend to think that you are lost or in danger. They would be very worried and upset that they dont know where you are at, so the family will be getting worse, the parents will start fighting because they dont know whos’ fault it is, and they dont know why you ran away.
    Be open with your family, your cousin, your parents, or your best friend. Tell them how you are feeling, and let them understand more about you so they can help you with your problems, aswell as let them learn about you more, so these situations wont happen.

    3. Embarrasment isn’t a part of your life, you have to be strong and not let the people around you effect the way you view things, you have to trust yourself when you do something, you have to remember what ever other people can do, you can do aswell. Try your best when you do things and have fortitude in any thing you do. Don’t let other peoples mistakes influence if you think you can do something or not. You have to believe in yourself and never give up so easily just because you made a small mistake.

    4. Courage is your second best friend, do not be afraid of anything even if it is going to harm you. Be open and tell people what you think, do not be afraid to say what you think and do what you think is right, because you might be the one who is correct. You have to believe yourself, you have to trust yourself first. If you do not have courage, you can’t do anything, you can’t help people, and you can’t help yourself. If you keep what you think a secret for your self, then no one can help you, and you wont be able to fix your own problem. Having courage is what makes you successful!

    5. You have to love yourself and enjoy your life because you only live once and life is short. Do everything you want to do!
    example: When you feel so stressed you can go for a walk for fourty-five minutes. Take a bubble bath, meditate, pray, watch a movie, listen to music, read a book do yoga, tai chi, eat ice cream or chocolate to make yourself have more energy, do anything that you think is fun or relaxing.
    Remember to allways be happy and allways smile! Trust me, family is very imporatant, they are the ones who give you courage, support, and help when you need it. Do not forget that your parents allways love you and are the ones who love you most.

I wish you live a great life on earth, and I hope you get to do everything you want to do. Remember that God is allways with you. Have a wonderful birthday Peter!

Sincerely your friend,
Leonard Giang

P.S. Write back soon!
Guten Tschüss!

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    yes its a verry inspirational!!! and i have learned.

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