Waiting for him.

It’s been almost a year and a half since I had a real big time relationship, the one that I felt something big and lasted long enough. Relationships these days are just like shits. 

We met. They got curious. I easily fell. They got bored. They give up. They left. That’s how it is. They just never last. 

I missed the feeling of really loved. I already forgot how to feel how it really is. I already made way too much wrong choices, just because I thought that was it. But still I fell and failed. And the longer I’m feeling this loneliness and this longing, the longer I feel there’s a big hole in my heart. I’m so tired with this game, I always lose. I always make the wrong choices. I don’t even wanna trust anymore, my heart’s been crushed too many times. But how can you control your heart? If only it can have a switch. 

Oh, how my heart is so fragile yet soft! I just want that someone to come out of nowhere and make me laugh again. And I’m here hoping and waiting for that prince charming to come and complete this hole in my heart. :)

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