Stay as sweet as you are…

Hi! You are probably wondering why I am writing to you. I just have this sudden impulse to write you a letter for I think you deserved at least a good honest letter coming from me. I just want you to know that you are such a wonderful girl, but I bet you know that already. I am very glad and thankful that my nephew has found you in his life. There was a time he became somewhat blind to his emotions. He became confused and lost that he just doesn’t know what to do when it comes to matters of the heart. I am glad that finally, he has found his way back home to you. Somehow, God took mercy on him and removed the cover in his eyes. Now, he could see clearly not only with his eyes but with his heart as well.

What can I say? Men are fools sometimes; they don’t know what’s good for them. Maybe there’s a certain stage in their life where they have to learn through their misadventures. What’s good about them is they reached a turning point in their life when they finally wake up to their right senses and when they do, expect them to be better, more mature and more responsible; ready to make up for whatever mistakes they may have done in the past.

I will not make this letter long. I just want to thank you for not giving up on my nephew, for having such great faith that sooner or later he will come back to you. Thank you for loving him the way you do. Let me end this letter with a short poem I made for you:

Stay as sweet as you are
Be good and true
If ever you feel blue
We are always here for you.

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  • Lou-Ann on May 14, 2008

    Thanks for the beautiful message Tita, you\’re so sweet…I\’m really thankful that Me and Wence got back together..after almost 7 years of waiting, I think I really have this great faith that soon he will come back to me..(he he he)..Thank you for accepting me once again, you have a very wonderful family and I thank God for having you..May you always be safe and I pray that the good Lord will continue to shower you more Blessings..I love you all! mwahhhhhhh

  • goodselfme on Nov 29, 2008

    Lovely sharing write. So beautiful and full of love.

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