This is a letter/poem that I wrote to my mother who is now in heaven.

Dear Mom,

Today my heart aches because you are not here anymore,

Your loving arms no longer here to cuddle,

Your smile no longer to look upon,

Your eyes no longer to look into for reassurance,

Your voice is no longer heard in the house,

You’re still my mother, even if you are not here on earth anymore.

                                I hope you are enjoying your new life in heaven,

                                I will meet you up there someday but hopefully not too soon,

                                I am glad you feel no more pain and no more suffering,

                                I know you feel no more sadness,

                                I know you can now see out of your eyes and hear better out of your ears,

                                I know you no longer have weak bones and can stand straight and strong.

                                                Today I feel this pain when I have memories of you,

                                                I know I am supposed to be celebrating your life,

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