I will not let sadness devour me because my brother is gone, but rejoice in his new birth and living in celestial perfection.

Dear brother,

I am writing this letter because there were so many word that stood unsaid. I know I should have expressed them to you but I always seem to be so busy. You know with my life and your out of range I figure I express them now.

Remebering back on our childhood, it wasn’t so bad having you as a brother. Although life sometimes seems to be unfair I thank God that I was able to enjoy your for as long as I did. You were not just a brother but a friend, life couldn’t get better than that.

Our childhood games turn into adult humor. I will always remember your laughter and how your nose wrinkled at the hardy roar. The twinkle in your eyes when we got the chance to be with each other, you think I didn’t notice but I did. The memories of our childhood and adulthood will be embedded in my heart forever. Although there were many words unsaid one thing is for sure, I love you.

People say that you are in a better place and I want to tend to believe it still you will live in me forever. I want to let you know that with all my craziness I know I brought you joy as you did me. Life is so unpredicatable and my expectation was to grow with you and in our old age we could joke about out past. But as you can see God had a better plan for you. He needed an extra angel to look after me.

I apologize if I ever hurt you, if in anyway my words made you feel uneasy.

As we grow into adults schedules change and we miss a phone call and forget to call back. For that I am sorry.
You were a outstanding brother and although forty-nine I saw you as my childhood buddy. You have left this earth and all the impurities that made you ill, but I rejoice because you are born again into a perfect life. I will always miss you my brother, but all the fun and games are implanted in me and that no one can take away.

Yes many words were left unsaid and perhaps I should have been more conscious of the tomorrows. Still the fond memories of who you are have not left but stayed behind so that I could recite them to my family and friends.

Oh and all the secrets we shared will remain our secrets.

Thank you Robert for your kindness and loving attitudes toward life. My words are simply and when I say I love you I want the words to be like thunder in the sky. I inderstand I must let go of the human body but I will never let go of the memories. I will not cry because of the lost of a brother but I will rejoice in your birth. Rest in peace and by the way you cheated at cards and I let you beat me at the game of tag. Glad I got that off my chest!

If I had a chance to live my life over again I would surely want you as my brother. Like you there was no other.

I will dismiss the tears of unhappiness because I know that’s not what you would want me to do.

Thanks for just being who you were and for making me the person I am and I will cherish you for that.

I refuse to end this letter with a good-bye but until we meet again.(smile)
Loving you always
Your Sister

Just when we think life is going fine the unexpected happens and that’s when we remember all the words that should have been said. Thank you God for giving me the opporunity to personally know my sister in Christ.

Love you Blondie

Toni Love

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  • luz on Mar 14, 2009

    we know the hurt to lose a love one.but GOD knows what is best.

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