About trading with the Americans.

Dear Shogun Tokugawa,

                                 As one of your honorable daimyo, I advise you to open up to the Americans who offer to trade with you. I believe that if we go to war they will easily defeat our small country of Japan and take it for themselves or force trading upon us. The way I see it, they will be able to help our dormant country erupt into the future. We will be able to better defend oursleves with new weapons and technology. Also, if we trade with these Americans, we may be able to ally with them and they could help protect us if anyone, such as the British, tries to impose trading upon us as the did in China. So in my opinion, I think we should trade with the Americans, but only the Americans. Thank you for considering my opinion and I hope it is of use to you.                                                                Sincerely,                                                                  Your Loyal Daimyo

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