My letter to Julius Caesar discussing the problems in Rome.

Dear Julius Caesar,

I am writing to you today to discuss some problems in Rome. When walking in the streets, people often get hurt or killed by big machinery on the streets. Wagon loads of marble flip over and fall on innocent civilians. This is a huge problem putting your citizens at risk. As a solution, I think you should gradually redo the streets in Rome.  Another problem is the careless construction of homes and buildings. These buildings are unsafe, they fall a lot and they can start city fires with their highly flammable materials. A solution I propose to you is to create a building code regulating height, stability and the materials being used. A third problem in Rome is the illnesses and lack of treatment. Many more people are dying than the amount that should be. I think that to reduce the rate of death, you should create hospitals that can quarantine patients until they feel better and do treatments there. A fourth problem is the lead pipes that are being used to carry water from the aqueducts. These lead pipes are causing sterility, illness and death. These pipes should be replaced with those made of iron or bronze. Lastly, there is a problem concerning the handling of dead corpses. Bodies are being left in public parks and being dumped in our rivers. This is polluting our water and spreading disease. To stop this I suggest you make a law that prohibits and dumping of bodies or blood in the river and that the bodies should be properly buried.



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