Douglas has a sister.

Well Douglas has a baby sister.  Ten weeks early, she’s such a tiny thing, only 3 lbs., 3 oz.  I was so determined to carry full term and she was just as determined to come out.  She won.  Because she is so small and so early, she has to stay in NICU until she is able to come home – which is 5 pounds or breathing without any support.  The doctor’s won’t give a specific date because it is all up to her.  I went home after having her the next day and now I have to come back to the hospital every day to hold her and feed her.  It is not as easy as I thought it would be because I have Douglas and I have to get someone to watch him while I am at the hospital or I have to wait until George comes home and we will take turns going to the hospital.  I can’t tell you who she looks like yet because she is so small, but I think she looks like my mom.

They feed her through a tube right now, and only maybe one ounce of milk at a time.  She has to be able to keep that down before they will up the dosage.  She doesn’t have the sucking thing down yet because she is to early, but that will come in time.  Her lungs were developed so she doesn’t have to have help in that, they are only putting air in a tube for her.   The nurses have me do what they call a “kangeroo hold” I believe.  It is where I take off my top and hold her next to my skin.  They say there is something beneficial about it and I truly believe it.  She is not the only one in NICU, there are about 5 other babies in there and one baby in a room all by itself.  Not sure what that is all about and the nurses can’t really talk about other patients because it is none of my business.  I understand, because I certainly don’t want them talking about Cherish to anyone else without my approval.

It’s time for me to go, I have a lot to do with the house, Douglas, George and now our little Cherish, that I barely have time for myself. 


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