I know, I know, I have already mentioned that I’m not quite ready for college departure.

Dearest Daughter,

You have probably noticed that I am not coping as well as I had hoped with the prospect of you leaving for college soon. Once you are settled in and we drive away, I am hoping that I will adjust, simply because I won’t have any choice.  You know me, though, and how I will wonder and worry, even though I know better.

There are a few things that you can do, though, that will help me to make this transition.

1. Promise me that you will not go out alone late at night.  I realize that you will be on a relatively safe campus in a relatively safe city, but you are so small and strikingly beautiful that I would rather you not tempt anyone to stuff you into their trunk or lure you into their van.  So….please; no late night trips alone.  Whatever you need from Walmart will still be there in the morning!

2. Promise me that you will not apply for any of dozens of high interest rate credit cards that you will receive information about in the mail.  If there is anything you should have learned by now from Dad and me, it’s that buying on credit will keep you broke!  If you don’t have money for whatever it is, you probably won’t have money plus interest when the bill arrives, either.  You school loans will be dizzying enough, so don’t burden yourself further.  Contentment is everything.

3. Promise me that you will apply yourself to your studies.  You were once a student of the highest order, until depression, anxiety and other circumstances got you down.  You have made a remarkable comeback, and I am so proud of you, and I am confident that it is time for the world to see the scholar in you leading the pack once again.  It won’t be easy, and it will take lots of self-discipline, but your sense of pride and accomplishment will be so worth it.

4. Promise me that you will seek God for His plan for your future.  If He tells you to pursue underwater basketweaving, and you are 100% certain it is His voice that you are following, then so be it.  God knows best, but you have to stay close enough to hear his voice and familiar enough to discern His voice from any other.  Your success, happiness and fulfillment depend upon this endeavor.

5. Promise to keep in touch.  I know that with texting, Skype, Facebook and the like, you couldn’t forget us if you wanted to, but if you can make the first move sometimes, just to let us know you still think of us, that will mean the world, especially to your little sister.  Know that we love you, will be praying for you, will miss you terribly, but are so excited for you, too!  Welcome to some of the best years of your life, my little Golden Eagle!

Love Always,


p.s. That shadowy figure outside your window isn’t the Grugde; it’s probably just me.

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