To love and be loved is what we dream for but Love sometimes seem so far from our sight….

         I remember those times when a good friend of mine called me up,her voice was shaking and obviously she’s crying.I asked her why?She tooked a deep breath and said “HE’S GONE” , and I replied “GOOD FOR YOU THEN”, she asked me why, and i said “YOUR LIFE WOULD BE BETTER WITHOUT HIM”. It’s an overused line but it works. The conversation goes on and ended with the relieved of my friend.

         I LOVE YOU is the best word we want to hear from someone special, especially when it comes from the heart.Have you noticed how your heart beats when that word is being uttered? Sure you have, and  it gives us total happiness.But why is it, that as day passes by suddenly that strong emotions weaken?And you find yourself puzzled and questioning what did i’ve done wrong to make Him that cold.Don’t be for evrything happens for a purpose.Always remember that LOve is not all about holding on, but sometimes LETTING GO of the one you loved.I’t maybe painful from the start but Life must go on.You deserved someone better.

         Loving is not always a happy ending.Oftentimes we failed and definitely got hurt especially if deep within our hearts , we knew that we’ve given our best shot and the best of our love.So painful to realize one day, that after all the love and sacrifices we’ve given still he can’t love you back in return.Maybe because when we choose to love you don’t have the right to expect any returns, for love is a freewell.But it is’nt fair,  for WE LOVE BECAUSE WE WANT TO BE LOVED.

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