Getting teacher recommendation letters can be tough, here are some tips!

At some point in your life, you’re going to apply for colleges and who doesn’t want a really good recommendation letter? I know when I was a senior in high school, I wanted the best ones I could get. It was a tough process trying to figure out who I would ask, how I would ask and what to say when I asked. Here are some of the steps I used and in the end, I had the best results I could get.

#1. Think of all the teachers you have had over the years. Just because your biology teacher from sophomore year was your favorite DOESN’T mean you should run to him/her for the recommendation. You want to get a recommendation letter from a teacher you’ve had more than once, and most recently. (HINT: perhaps at your school your senior year math teacher also taught you geometry sophomore year. He/she knows you pretty well.)

#2. Make a list of the schools you’re applying to, things you do in your spare time, if you’re involved in community service and church, the courses you wish to take at college and some of your hobbies and interests. This way, when it comes time to asking your teacher for the recommendation, they’ll have something to fall back on if they feel the need to add more. (It just shows them that you took the time out to think of them and make their job easier!)

#3. When you finally find a teacher, ask them politely. If they hesitate, odds are; you won’t get a letter from them and it won’t be as great as you want it. (HINT: Um..yeah, sure. I can do that. – isn’t the answer you want.) You’re looking for something like “Yeah! I’d be glad to!” NOTE! Asking a teacher you currently have is a good idea. Just make sure you’re well behaved in their class, get decent grades and are well composed around them. The more the teacher knows you on a personal level, the better.

#4. After the letter is written and given to you, make sure that it’s up to par. It’s okay to have the teacher add, remove or fix something.

#5. Onde you recieve the recommendation letter, a simple “thank you” does no justice. Make sure to write the teacher a thank you letter letting them know that you appreciate the time and effort they took out of their busy day to write a letter for you. This shows them gratitude and they’ll be more than happy to write a recommendation letter for you in the future whether it be for a job or anything else.

Best of luck on your college search and recommendation letter venture!!

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