Describes longing, waiting and enduring the feelings of searching the universe.

Here I am writing to you in simplicity, just wanting somehow to feel closer to you in a way that I know is impossible at the moment.
Just a while ago, I happened to pass by a mirror and couldn’t help but to stop and stare while silently asking the reflection “will it
finally happen?” “Is it possible that I will find him at last?” “Where are you my love?”As thoughts of you seem to consume my inner
being, I find that I can’t think of anything but being with you, holding you, loving you, and still it is just “NOT” enough.

I feel as if I want to pass through your soul, to just stop and breathe for one moment all that contains your essence and emotions, your
desires, to shine with your colors~ only so I can feel that much more closer to you. It’s so much more than wanting to be a part of your
life, its as if I want to be a part of YOU, but only separate so that I can enjoy all of your uniqueness, your strength, your heart, and
everything that is not ME! What is strange is that I feel like I already “have been”, but somehow it was never completed, I want to
will the threat of “incompleteness” to never happen again.I want to explore every darkness, every shining, EVERYTHING!

This is something that just cannot be possible in one hour, one day, or a thousand years, this is what is inconceivable to even the most
intellectual of beings, this is so far beyond their understanding that it is overwhelming in my soul, yet so simple in my mind.

I ALREADY do love you, and I only want to enhance the possibility to go so much farther. A life’s journey in which the quest stays
just beyond our sights so we keep trying to get closer and closer to that point of focus even though it manages to dangle just beyond
our fingertips. Each day and night we find that we are constantly reaching farther and farther inside in an attempt to grasp this never
ending search even if only for a second. What I am trying to say is….this kind of feeling is such a longing, such a yearning that it falls
way beyond the reality of time or distance. This is what immortal and infinite means to me. You will forever be my mystery, my light,
and my pursuit. I will never accept defeat, I will never quit. There will never be an issue too big that it can build a bridge between my
feelings for you and it. If there is a negative force lurking in the shadows that suffices in wanting my heart to roam “lost” it has already
been conquered, it is doomed for I have found you again!

If it were easy or even possible to pour my feelings out on paper I would have done it thousands of years before this, but as of now
that I am searching for you through out the universe, this is only the threshold of things to come, and as the past was in the past, we
will on occasion have reason to peak into it ~ only to compare it to the point that we have now traveled and for the goals we have not set.
Be happy in your heart my love, for this is the “thing” that the whole world lacks and seeks, but as we know we were not made for this world,
we were made for “love”. It is never-ending, and in that we can believe.

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  • mR. mc on Jan 17, 2011

    same feeling as i am…. i wondering how we meet in the future, i wondering if she’s out there… thinking of me.. searching like i do…
    she’s a mystery of my life…. and till now… theres so many question that asking my mind… and i dont know what is the answer.. maybe.. she’s the answer.

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