An old assignment for one of my English classes. My teacher asked each of us to make a letter arguing for the rights of a minority. Of course everyone was choosing the typical topics, and so I got creative and tried to incorporate some humor into it writing about literally how terrible Justin Bieber is. (OPINION)

Simmeringer Hauptstraße 230–244,

Vienna 1110, Austria

                                                                                                                                                     January 13, 2012

Mr. Justin Bieber 
c/o Island Def Jam Group 
Worldwide Plaza 825 8th Ave 28th Floor 
New York, NY 10019 

Dear Mr. Bieber:

It has come to my attention that you are becoming a rising star in music. I would like to extend a helping hand and my own pure, musical genius to teach you how to make music. Of course, if anyone could teach you, it would be me; the creator of masterpieces and symphonies; the one man who changed music for the rest of eternity. Firstly, I need to explain to you the dire problem that the minority, people who listen to good music, is slowly dying out. The pain deep in the hearts of the minority cry out for justice; hoping that the next time they switch on the radio, they will not have to tear off their ears in disgust at your songs. I implore you, Mr. Bieber, please, cease and desist! I am fighting for the rights of this minority; there is no need for these crimes, these abominations of music committed against us!

I digress, and I would again like to offer you my help. Of course, you can never please everyone’s musical taste at one time, but, music, as Fredrick Douglass describes, “sent a thrill of joy through my soul, such as I had never felt before!”, and that is how you must make your music! Make it from your soul; Make it from what your very heart is telling you! You need to feel the music within you and have the right emotion and feelings that are indescribable to the common man to begin. As Frederick Douglass tells us, “It is impossible for me to describe my feelings as the time of my contemplated start drew near.” When you begin crafting your music, you must harness these feelings, your creativeness, and use them to express yourself.

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