These are real letters from an inmate I wrote to for a while.

These letters are from a real inmate at a prison in Indiana. He was a thief and big time drug addict, sentenced to 13 years in prison. Obviously for the sake of others, names will be changed.

Dear Beautiful, July 7th, 2007

How do I know that you are beautiful without ever having laid eyes on you, you may be asking? It is because everybody is “beautiful” in their own way, whether it be appearance, personality, character, or a combination of many aspects of a person. Thus, I am reasonably sure that you are “beautiful” in your own way(s).

Allow me to begin by introducing myself. My name is Danny Bard. I am a friend of Jake’s whom is obviously married to Laurie. I know Jake from doing time in prison with him. He is a decent guy. After conversing with him about various topics, we realized we get along pretty good, and became friends. During one of our many conversations, Jake and I discussed the possibility of Laurie finding me a nice girl to write to. Therefore, he and I decided that it would be a good idea for me to write an introduction letter for Laurie to give to one of her friends. By writing this introduction letter it gives you an opportunity to get to know me somewhat and to help you decide if you may want to write to me. That is how you ended up with this letter and are reading it now.

With that being said, I want to tell you about myself, so you can form an opinion of me, and decide if I am a person you would like to write to and become friends with.

To start, I should tell you that I am in prison. That is obvious from what I have told you thus far, I’m sure. But I want to make it all perfectly clear for you. I have been locked up now for over 13 years straight. I used to be a burglar and robber, which is why I am in prison. I at the end part of my sentence though. I will be out this year, hopefully around then end of September if all goes well for me, but by the end of December at the latest. I’m near the end of this long lonely road. However, to have you as a friend for the remainder of my time in here, and ever after I am released as well, would be absolutely wonderful!

Liked it
  • Krev on Oct 4, 2007

    I enjoyed reading this but I want the ending…what stopped you from writing…did he get released… is he as human as he sounds…

  • Ruby Hawk on Oct 4, 2007

    I liked the reading, and it left me wondering what happened and where is the ending? Was he the person he seemed to be? Was he a con man” Did you marry him?

  • Bashful on Jun 9, 2011

    Unfortunately he began to be more and more forceful about meeting each other when he was released and I was only interested in being nice and writing to him. Soon, I stopped writting him and sadly disposed of his letters. Thanks for reading and I”m sorry I never answered your comments!

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