Every one’s got a dream to live for. But not many people really understands what it takes to bring their dream to fruition. This is not one of those articles on dreams. This deals with issues that surrounds a man vision – what I call the opportunity and possibility factors. It is the article on how to make room for your dream to live. It is what you make room for, that makes room for you. You will not regret reading this.

First, the opportunity that comes based on what you know. If a dullard dreams, cease calling him a dullard; because he knows something. It seems to me that genuine doors of opportunity open more easily for people who truly have something tangible to offer their generation. If you have something to offer, the door will open. A dreamer should be a ‘knower.’ You must know something. It suffices to say that a well implemented great idea equals great opportunity.

Second, the opportunity that comes based on who you know. Most people are great today because they met or know someone great at one point or the other in their lives. “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulder of giants” (Isaac Newton, 1642-1727.) To actualize your dream there is a great man God has placed somewhere that you have to meet. Knowing or meeting great people equals great opportunity.

Third, the opportunity that comes based on your performance. Good performance is the underlining attitude of dreamers and the language of dream fulfillment. Nothing kills a man’s dream in life more than poor performance. Let’s say finally you are here, where you’ve always dreamt of… live on stage to preach, act, sing or display your talent. What would you do?  You have always been dreaming, now it’s time to interpret and complete your dream. You have to prove to the world that this is the opportunity you’ve waited for all your life. How? Perform. The way to sustain the lifeline that opportunity opens up to your dream-life is to perform. Great performance equals great opportunity.

The Possibility Factor: Is your dream possible? I expected you to say yes. Because when you stretch the word i-m-possible, it becomes: I-am-possible (John Mason.) Sometimes having opportunity is not all there is, your dream must become possible. Let’s consider three issues in possibility factor that tangles with dream completion:

First issue: Believe your dream is possible. You can’t become what you don’t believe. To believe means seeing realities in the realm of imagination. Possibility starts from the word believe. When you believe your dream, then you can have it.

Second issue: See if it’s been done before. Your dream is presently someone else’s realm of operation. If it happens for someone else, it can happen for you. I know it is blatant truth that there is nothing new under the sun, it may only be new before a man.

Third issue: Start! One of the greatest words crucial to dream completion is the word start. Do something about your dream. Start by telling people about it; people that matter to your dream. Find out what it takes to fuel your dream (read books, seek counsel and make use of every good channel open to you.) In other words, learn what you have to learn about your dream. And finally, take action. Live your dream.

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  • marymumbi on Jun 21, 2011

    i don’t want to die with my dreams unfulfilled…this is the most inspirational piece i have ever read….welcome to triond and thumbs up!

  • Ajisafe Peter on Jun 21, 2011

    @Mary, thanks loads. It’s cool to be here…

  • ask-best on Jul 7, 2011

    I hope my dream will come true some day.I’ll seize every possible opportunity to realize it.

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