A very nice letter that I wrote to my teacher.

Dear Teacher,

It’s a Tuesday night and I’m not feeling well. I’ve had a temperature for a week (actually five days) and I think I’m finally getting better. My temperature is gone and I’ve been going to school (obviously) but I still have a cough and it hurts my throat. Well coughing doesn’t affect how or what I read! (I don’t think).

Is there a place where mythical beings can survive? No, of course there isn’t! But in the book The Jinx On The Divide there is another world. Well Felix (the main character) has to go there to get a mean bully out of a genie type of bottle. The genie thing (called a brandee) got kind of mad when he found out that they were in his world. He wants Felix to find a real scientist for him and Felix had so far failed to do so. Well that’s all I’ve read of the book so far and the plot is….. I don’t know. But I will when the book is over.

Cirque Du Freak, French for the phrase Circus of Freaks. So to answer your other question from what you wrote back to me, it does mean something to do with freaks. It is a traveling freak show that goes around the country performing for audiences. The main character (Darren, also the author) gets to meet a vampire and becomes his assistant which is a half-vampire. This means that he can be out in the sun and he ages at only 1/5 the rate that humans do. So every five years it’s like he’s only aged one. Vampires really aren’t that bad. They don’t kill people they just take a little blood from people and they usually don’t even know it. I don’t know if you would like these books as much as I do but I really enjoy them a lot. I’m on the fourth book in the series and can’t put them down. It’s really all up to you Mrs. Ellison.

What happened to him? Did he die? Did he find the Elsewhere? That was very emotional for me while I was reading it in the corner there. I heard you guys reading it last on Tuesday and you were at the part when he saw the release. I re-read that part just to refresh myself and like Oh My Gosh! Phew, I needed a moment just to lay low awhile. I thought the ending over in my head. It was just crazy. I can’t believe he brought Gabe. I was never expecting that but I guess now that he knows about release he didn’t want Gabe to go through that. I was kind of glad that I got to read it myself because it let me go back and remember what happened. I also think books give me more of an impact if I finish them myself.

I think that I have improved as a reader because I understand things a lot more and I take things in more deeply. It really hurt me a lot when Jonas dies or made it to Elseware. I still can’t make up my mind! This was one of the best books that I have ever read. The other one that I would have to say I liked a lot would be The Corner of the Universe. I still cry every time I think about the end when Adam dies. I think I cried for an hour straight that night. I asked my mom if I could stay up and read and it turned out that I didn’t get to bed until like 10:30 because I was crying. I absolutely love that book and I want to read it again. Well, now I’m crying and it’s the end of the RRL. Talk to you later.

Your fellow reader,


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  • Person on Jun 24, 2007

    this is a wonderful letter that you wrote to your teacher I think that you should write more!

  • vera on Dec 11, 2009

    dear Mrs Steadman I like your hair and my uncle said” he wan know your phone number and he said” he like to see you. Love,Vera

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