An excerpt from my letter to a dear friend who has lost but lived through his battle..

….But then again, life does not end where heartaches begin. You must not let this loss take everything you are . . Indeed, you have come a long way—you have learned and accepted defeat, you gave way and sacrificed  love and happiness. These are great sacrifices, but your task is not yet complete. You have to pick up the broken pieces and build a new you. You must learn to forgive yourself and understand that you bleed and shed tears to wash  out impurities and imperfections. You weren’t broken to be destroyed—you were broken to be made whole again.

  Do not dwell on the past, do not hide behind sorrow and     darkness. Learn to accept life as it goes and take your time to find yourself once more. Remember that everybody deserves to be happy, but only those who seek it are the only ones who truly find it.

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