A letter for friends and family.

If you are reading this letter that means you had or still have a purpose in my life in some shape or form.  That also could go for you as well.  You’ve came into my life to show me something about myself or something new.  So with that being said, this is my message to you.  So read it and place your name where it’s needed.  You’ll know.

Everyone is put into your life for a reason.  Be the reason good or the reason is bad, but you have a purpose for being in someone’s life and they have a purpose in yours.  But my purpose for you _______, is something special.  I don’t have to say to say it, because you should know.  If you don’t, just come ask me.

If we don’t talk, then that is my fault.  I’ll take the blame for that.  If I’ve done something to hurt you or made you mad, please forgive me.  For I am not always aware of my mistakes, they are not always clear to me.  My purpose is not to make enemies and always be in fear that I’ll be really hurt by the ones I have made mad.

I love you _______, no matter what I say or do to you that may seem to hurt you, I love you.  The term is always used so loosely, but I don’t just throw it around.  I do love you as though you’re my own family member ________.  You’re a part of my family, whether we have the same or different views in life; you are like family to me.

It may not seem all that big to you, but _______, you have changed my life as I have changed yours.  Friends come and go but family last forever.  You’re my family member if you can say my name with a smile on your face.  Yes there will be times where you will go, “God Rayna…she’s so annoying.”  Or any last word you want to put there.  But if you over look me being a pest, annoying, strange, and/or whatever else you can think of, and be able to smile while you say my name or tell someone about me, then you’re my family member.

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