Sample recommendation for high school student council position.

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            I am privileged to be writing this letter of recommendation for student council for future freshmen, name of person.  I have known Name for two years and worked with her in youth ministry in our church and Name has served as volunteer at the homeless shelter for women and children that I currently work. 

            In the short time that I have known Name, I have watched grow from a young middle school student who worked hard at everything she did to a young adult who in every sense of the word is responsible.  When it comes to schoolwork, Name is never pleased with anything less than giving her absolute best.  She does well in class, never earning less than an A or a B, but as smart as she is, Name is a very levelheaded and grounded individual.  She also works very hard in her extra curricular activities and I know she would do the same for the student council.

            Name has also showed strength, resilience and downright cheerfulness in the face of adversity.  She has juvenile diabetes and has also recently been diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  I know many adults that would have a problem continuing on in high spirits with these health issues, let alone, a middle school student.  But Name never complains and always checks her sugar quietly making sure that she is doing well.

            I am always impressed with Name’s dedication to ministry, her friends and family and her schoolwork.  I have no doubt in my mind that Name would be an absolute asset to your committee and I would be glad to vouch for this young woman any day!   Feel free to call if you have any questions: phone number or email



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