Written in Shakespearean English to Brutus from Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar.


Thou art blind! Remove thy cloth from thine honourable eyes and rid Rome of Caesar’s awe!

Caesar is no better than thou nor thyself! Does his name sound better than thine? Nay! Does he have the right to rule? Nay! He is just as mortal as the rest of us. Although he would like to think not upon that and pretend that he is not, thou with thine watchful, honourable eyes see through his mask! For many have seen his flaws, his greed for power, his lust for the crown!

Thou, born of noble blood shan’t be slave to Caesar’s tyranny!

As thine honourable ancestor that drove Tarquin out of our fair city, thou must do the same! Caesar grows stronger by the second!

Caesar has exceeded himself – he thinks he is a god. As the Great Colossus fell, so must he. Thou must act now, honourable, noble Brutus! Act upon the words of thine ancestor!

O Brutus, by thine mighty hand, justice must me serv’d to Caesar.

Remove thy cloth from thine honourable eyes – by Rome’s strength, Caesar must fall.

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