Copyrights. I can’t believe people still look up with song.

Verse I:
I’m in my zone on my throne, in a home away from home.
Couldn’t leave her alone, something that can’t be outgrown.
Other niggas loaned her- but I was the only one who owned her.
she’s my precious stone and I want her as my own.
Learn Rosetta Stone and move her to Sierra Leone.
Just leave us alone Mother fucker no one’s home.[Hh-ah]

Verse II:

Yeah it’s the second verse, 

so Imma avoid the cursess.

From burstin and Hurtin-

The Jusus lovers listenin

Missinin the point of my soong-

It’s about zone

Miss AKA throne-

damn I love her sexy tone

Number not in my phone- But written cross my heart

Stupid bars- from Trail Lake to McCart

Shout out to Fort Worth-

And my zone witch is worth more.

I’ll shot ya if you call her a whor

One lady I just adore

Liked it
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