A collaborative story by a friend and myself, hope some one enjoys, chapter update links will be posted in the description.

Chapter one link>http://authspot.com/novels/28-days-chapter-one/

One average summer an average 18 year old girl was at an average library looking for an average book for an average report that is do the next school year. So. Much. Fun. But instead of finding some book by some no-name author, and being bored out of her mind she finds a book about the occult. Fascinated by it she decides to do her report on the black book. But when she decides to try out a summoning spell just for the fun of disproving it she finds herself not being so ordinary.

        Now she has a demon following her around pretending to just be a normal teenager, but she knows better. And as stated by the warning of the spell she has exactly 666 hours (28 days) before the demon will claim her soul. All of the sudden life isn’t so boring. But what happens if they start to fall for each other? Will the demon still claim her soul? Or will he leave the girl be?

They sat in the dim room; the light seemed to emanate from all around them, though no lights could be seen. The two men were speaking, voices low, one writing, as the other droned on. “It was not supposed to occur in this way, but I fear nothing else could have been done.” The other only nodded, scrawling more into the raven colored book that lay nearly filled upon the stone table. The first spoke again. “And that I believe is the end of this, I must be going now.” He put his hands flat onto the table and stood from the matching chair that he’d been using.  

             The second male didn’t look up, only finished what he’d been writing before closing the book and laying the feather pen aside. The first turned and started away, heading for a dim arch in the far wall, the only place devoid of light. The man left at the table looked down at the book silently before shaking his head and standing, taking it with him to a series of holes in the strange stone walls. He discarded the book here and looked absently at all of the holes and books within. When he spoke it was quiet and low, but seemed to reverberate through the rest of the room. “I hope you are joyous in this byway you have chosen dear child.

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