A curious boy named Bill discovers a secret world inside his bedroom closet! As he continues to explore this fascinating, mysterious world, his life becomes more and more interesting.

A Boy Named Bill – Part 5

***In the last episode, Bill arrived on Sunstone Rock and was taken to a mysterious castle named Sunstone Palace. In this episode, Bill discovers something and tries to escape from Sunstone Palace.***


Bill looked around the room he was thrown in, and was too stunned to say anything at first. As his eyes slowly adjusted to the dim lighting in the room, Bill confirmed what he saw and just stared. There were about ten other kids in the fairly small room chained up and looking starved to death. They looked at him blankly and most returned to doing what they were doing before he arrived – trying to sleep.

“Uh-um-what is going on here…?” Bill nervously asked. One kid, a scrawny little boy, looked at him and croaked out a sentence.

“What…do…you…think…? We…are…prisoners…here,” the boy said with a moan.

“You mean you were all taken and thrown in here, and now you’re all being starved to death?”

The boy nodded. Bill wondered why he wasn’t chained up, and figured the man thought he had no chance of escaping. Well he was wrong. Bill was not just going to sit here and die like the rest of these kids. He was going to find a way out somehow.

Ten minutes later he was scratching his head, about to give up. There were no windows, no furniture, and the door was locked tightly. Then he saw it. A vent in the corner of the ceiling where air was coming from. Interesting, because Bill thought that this place was more medieval than modern, so the fact that this seemed like air-conditioning was puzzling.

After fifteen minutes of banging his shoe against the vent, it slowly began to break and eventually fell off the ceiling. Bill smiled triumphantly and looked around the room, realizing all the kids were asleep – or dead possibly, it was hard to tell. Placing his feet on the wall and hooking his fingers into the hole where the vent had been, Bill was able to climb up into the small space. It was a tunnel in the ceiling that Bill was barely able to fit into.

After looking left and right, Bill decided to go left where it seemed to be brighter, and he began to slowly crawl. It was very hot in the tunnel, and sweat was already dripping off his body like a melting popsicle in the hot summer sun. A few minutes later, the tunnel started to slope down with a steep descent and Bill began to uncontrollably slide down the tunnel. He couldn’t stop, and he closed his eyes and waited for it to end.

With a resounding thump, Bill came to a stop a few moments later and he opened his eyes. He felt a slight breeze and realized he had somehow landed outside. After brushing himself off, Bill climbed to his feet and glanced around nervously, afraid that guards would descend on him any moment. But no alarms went off, and he didn’t hear or see anyone. Bill grinned to himself and thought he was pretty clever before he realized his good luck had ended. Because all of a sudden footsteps sounded just a few hundred feet away.

Bill looked around quickly and spotted what looked like a dumpster, but Bill figured there weren’t any dump trucks on this strange island. He sprinted over to it anyway and jumped inside, just seconds before the footsteps came around a corner and arrived right where Bill had just been standing. A few seconds later they were gone and Bill was alone again. But he wasn’t in the best situation considering he had been right about what this was – all around him were bags and bags of smelly trash with flies circling it and ants crawling everywhere. Bill disgustingly wrinkled his nose and was about to climb out when he heard a noise. It sounded like one of the buggies he had heard before, and slowly glancing over the top of the “dumpster” confirmed what he had thought. A horse was pulling a buggy straight toward his hiding spot, and now Bill had no escape.

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  • jennyreeve on Sep 6, 2012

    Don’t take too long to write the next part.

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