A curious boy named Bill discovers a secret world inside his bedroom closet! As he continues to explore this fascinating, mysterious world, his life becomes more and more interesting.

A Boy Named Bill – Part 3

***In the last episode, Bill found himself on a beach in a mysterious world. He spotted a group of tough looking men sailing toward him in a boat and tried to run, only to realize he was trapped. In this episode, he encounters the men and is taken to a very interesting place.***

Bill tapped the cave wall again, still refusing to believe that he was really trapped. What if he died here in this strange world? What would happen then? But he didn’t want to think that, so he turned around and braced himself for whatever was going to happen. Bill sat down in the sand and, shielding his eyes from the sun, waited for the boat to arrive at the shore. A few minutes later, the boat gently bumped against the sandy beach and one of the men got out. It was the man with the black pirate-like eye patch. He strode up to Bill and grabbed him roughly by the shoulder.

“What are you doing here?” he asked in a gruff voice. Bill was relieved that he at least spoke English.

“I-I-d-don’t k-know,” Bill answered, stuttering a little.

“Well, you’re coming with us,” said the man. He grabbed the binoculars that Bill was still holding, and before Bill could react, he was being dragged to the boat with no chance to escape. The man practically threw him in the boat and climbed in afterward. The other two men, one tall and one short, barely glanced at him before beginning to row away from the shore. The three men quietly talked with each other, and Bill strained to hear their conversation. He did manage to catch their names – the tall one was Covo and the short one was Sidal. The guy with the eye patch was named Leggino. All very strange, foreign-sounding names. After a few more moments Leggino turned to him.

“We are taking you to our island – Sunstone Rock – and our capital city, Sunstone City. You will follow all our orders and not ask any questions unless I say so. Got it?”

Bill was stunned but he regained his composure and answered.

“Yes, I do, but-” he was cut off and silenced with a quick hand gesture.

“No questions!” said Leggino. After a moment of silence, the man named Covo began to speak. He told Bill about how they were very surprised to find another kid on the beach, which they visited on the first day of every month. In the past two months, at least one kid had appeared on the beach every time they visited on the first day of each month. It was very weird – they had never found people before on the beach, and they didn’t know where they came from. The three men were explorers for Sunstone City and had first discovered the beach when sailing a few years earlier. Every time they went on the first day of each month, they would find a mysterious object that was usually useful. Leggino held up the binoculars and Bill realized that was this month’s object. When they sailed to the beach on any other day, there were no mysterious objects.

Bill suddenly realized that the men weren’t being mean to him, but they seemingly read his thoughts.

“Now that you know,” said Sidal, “don’t expect any more niceness out of us,” he said with a snarl.

Bill’s heart sank and he lowered his head, listening to the waves lap against the side of the boat. All of a sudden, he heard a trumpet in the distance and looked up to see a breathtaking sight almost directly in front of him. A huge island seemed to rise out of a cloud of mist, and loomed high over Bill and the boat. An enormous palace towered over everything, and Bill could make out people moving about.

What kind of strange place was he in, and what would happen next?

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