A curious boy named Bill discovers a secret world inside his bedroom closet! As he continues to explore this fascinating, mysterious world, his life becomes more and more interesting.

A Boy Named Bill – Part 2

***In the last episode, Bill discovered a secret world and slowly began to venture out. In this episode, the adventure continues!***

Bill cautiously moved down the earthy, cave-like tunnel and looked around warily. After a few more moments, he spotted a speck of light that continued to grow as he walked closer and closer. Before he knew it, he was out in bright daylight. The sky seemed to be just like his world back home – it was a deep blue with light clouds scattered around. The sun was burning strongly and Bill wished he was wearing something other than his pajamas. Bill realized he was standing on a pleasant beach, with a few palm trees and seagulls soaring through the air. All was quiet except for the occasional squawking of birds and the rustling of the wind in the trees. Waves rolled gently against the sandy beach and had a calming effect on Bill. But the air seemed too still somehow, and Bill sensed that something was wrong. Bill decided to keep moving, but the moment he stepped his right foot forward he felt something buried in the sand. When he knelt down and moved the sand aside, he discovered a rusty old pair of binoculars. Bill wondered what they were doing there, but he picked them up anyway and stared out over the ocean. Putting them to his eyes, Bill looked back and forth over the ocean using the binoculars.

“That’s weird,” Bill muttered to himself. He could have sworn he saw what looked like a small boat slowly sailing in his general direction.

As he kept looking, he realized it was indeed a boat with three men on board. Using the binoculars, Bill noticed one of them had a black patch over one of his eyes, just like a pirate. All three of them looked tough and weren’t smiling. Bill realized fearfully that the men had spotted him, and had slightly adjusted the boat’s course so it was sailing directly at him. Looking to the left and right, Bill saw no end to the long stretch of beach. The only place to run was back the way he came. He turned around, still carrying the binoculars, and headed back toward the cave. Something looked different, and it took him a moment to realize what it was. The opening that he had exited the cave with was gone. There was nothing but a rocky wall. Bill’s heart thudded fearfully against his chest. He knew there was nowhere to go. 

He was trapped with no escape in a strange world.

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  • jennyreeve on Sep 6, 2012

    On to part three. I like that you have made the sections short, it adds to the excitement leading to the next part.

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