Continuation of the love tragedy.

He found them in Heather store. ”When I saw them I thought they were pure
bravado, he said in his personal logic, because they were not as drunk as
I thought. “Not even questioned about his intentions, but took their knives
and sent them to sleep. He treated with the same self-complacency with which
alarm had drawn the wife.
– Imagine, he told them: what to say if the bishop in that state!
They were. Jenny was disappointed over the way the mayor,
they thought they should arrest the
twins to ascertain the truth. Colonel Jerry showed her the knife as a
closing argument.
I can not afford to kill anyone, he said.
It’s not that,’ said Heather. It is to free those poor boys
commitment horrible has befallen them.
As she had guessed. He was certain that the Smith brothers are not
were so eager to serve his sentence as to find someone to
the favor to stop him. But Colonel Jerry was at peace with your soul.
Do not stop anyone on suspicion he said. Now it is up to warn Jeremy, and happy new year.
Heather would always remember the spirit of Colonel Jerry you squat
caused some unhappiness, and instead I evoked a happy man, although
a little upset by the solitary practice of spiritualism learned by mail. Its
behavior that Monday was the conclusive evidence of its frivolity. The truth is
did not return to Jeremy remember until I saw the port, and then
Congratulations on taking the right decision.
The Smith brothers had told them his purpose more than a dozen people
went to buy milk, and they reported they had been everywhere before six.
A Heather seemed impossible not to know in the house opposite.
I thought that Jeremy was not there, because I had not seen the light come
bedroom, and all he could to prevent it asked where to see. He sent word,
even Father, service the novice went to buy milk for
nuns. After four o’clock, when he saw lights in the kitchen of the house of pleasure, he sent the last urgent message to Victoria with the beggar who was
every day to ask for some milk for charity. When the bishop’s boat bellowed
almost everyone was awake to receive it, and there were very few who do not
knew that the Smith twins were waiting for Jeremy to kill him, and
well the reason was known with full details.
Heather had just sold the milk when the brothers returned
Smith with two knives wrapped in newspaper. One was a butcher, with a
leaf rust and lasts twelve inches long by three wide, which had been
Peter manufactured with a metal blade, at a time that did not come
German knives because of the war. The other was shorter, but broad and curved. The
judge drew it into the record, perhaps because he could not describe, and risked
indicate that just looked like a miniature hanger. It was with these knives that
committed the crime, and both were rudimentary and widely used.
Fast could not understand what had happened. ”They came again to sharpen the
knives, He said and returned to shout to be heard them they were going to get the guts
Jeremy, so I thought they were sucking cock, especially because I
looked at the knives, and I thought they were the same. “

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