All the new characters plus updates and the story in chronological order.

I’ve been MIA for a couple of weeks but just got back to the story and in case you need catching up here are links to chapters 1-14 as well as an updated character reference guide. Enjoy!

Chapter-1~ Captain Bo & MN

Chapter-2~ The Hello Siti

Chapter-3~ The Counts Knight?

Chapter-4~ Bump!

Chapter-5~ Fegger?

Chapter-6~ Where did Hiho go?

Chapter-7~ The Legend Of Excalibur.

Chapter-8~ Two sides to every coin.

Chapter-9~ The mad scientist.

Chapter-10~ WoJack king of the trolls.

Chapter-11~ Music Coach.

Chapter-12~ An endless struggle.

Chapter-13~ I’ve been had!

Chapter-14~ Captain WoJack?

Characters pt.2

Here is an updated character reference guide introducing new characters and updated biography’s if the characters background has grown.

Simon- Simon is a young man who is thrust into the world of triond seemingly by Count Briggs himself. Count Briggs uses Mikayla and Sir Brad to lure Simon and his companions Bo Jack and MN to the kingdom.

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Captain Bo Jack- Bo Jack is the captain of the Bo Jack express and is also the man who rescued Simon from the forums along with his companion MN. He is lured to the kingdom of triond along with Simon and MN. During a brief encounter with Mark Gordon Brown, Mark tells Bo he is a product of the scientist lab however Bo Jack will not listen and instead puts mark to sleep in one of his own machines. Recently Bo Jack has assumed the identity of Wo Jack in order to fool the trolls of Qua-Zen.

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Mikayla- Mikayla played the role of a bank robber in order to lure Simon to the castle. She is an agent hired by Count Briggs and uses numerous alias including ElleWord and Hiho. She recently has met up with Richard Wing and is accompanying him to the kingdom as well.

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Richard Wing- A young warrior who set out to retrieve Excalibur but was intercepted by Mikayla. He is currently traveling to the kingdom with Mikayla upon Count Briggs request.

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Gringoperry- Count Briggs most trusted knight. He is dispatched to Qua-Zen to ensure Simon successfully retrieves the sword Excalibur.

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Mark Gordan Brown- A scientist who has a brief encounter with the hero’s. He is the head of a top secret laboratory funded by former king of Triond RJ Evans. He informs Bo Jack that he was in fact created in this laboratory which provokes Bo Jack who puts Mark into “Sleep mode”

WoJack- WoJack is a robot and king of the trolls in Qua-Zen. He is quickly defeated by Mikayla when he impedes there progress. He has a striking resemblance to Bo Jack which allows Bo Jack to assume his identity in order to fool Qua-Zens trolls.

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Count Briggs- The mastermind behind Simons entire journey. Count Briggs is preparing Triond for an apocalyptic threat that only he knows how to handle. RJ Evans passed his crown down to Briggs so he would have all the power to protect the world how he sees fit.

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Keyboardologist- A musician that Simon and friends meet in Music Coach. He provides them with a place to sleep while in Music Coach.

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RJ Evans- The former king of triond who was previously thought to be missing. It was revealed that he is alive and well operating from the shadows along with Count Briggs.

For the first installment of the characters click here.

Liked it
  • RS Wing on Aug 31, 2009

    Great update Simon. I really feel viewers should leave their comments and thoughts regarding this creative journey. The series in it’s entirety is well defined within the confines of triond, and identify’s “The Players” personality’s on triond quite well if not perfect. Keep the ideas flowing Simon. Thumbs Up!

  • Leonardo da Vinci E. on Sep 3, 2009

    Very imaginative which you are.

  • Theresa Johnson on Sep 18, 2009

    very good work…. still waiting to see if i get a part in your story…lol…

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