A Parody if Maple Story the game, was really a story.

Today in the snow covered lands of Rein a hero is reborn. Although much of her memory is erased she was once a true hero, one of a small party that sealed the black mage away. Just before the black mage was defeated, the black mage froze our hero for hundreds of years before her return today.

Our hero is weak and loses many of her skills. She must learn to walk left and right, soon her memory improves and she learns to jump upward and downward from higher platforms. 

She sees someone, could this person help her with her amnesia? Our hero walks up to her and pokes her twice before she responds. A strip under her tells us her name is Tutorial Lilin. She begins to talk, although she says a lot, our hero has magical powers to ignore her speech without her noticing.

The room seemed to be fully enclosed by a structure of ice. However when Tutorial Lilin ended her rambling, the whole world turned dark, and our hero appeared outside the building, now with Tutorial Lilin following her. “What does she want?” our hero thought.

As our hero walked left she met a talking penguin, our hero said “How do you do that?” (obviously she hasen’t seen the movie UP). The talking penguin shouted “Our hero has returned!” it gave our hero a headache. 

Luckily, the penguin gave our hero a yellow potion made from a secret recipe that healed the damage caused by the penguin’s shouting when she drunk it. Failing to learn from previous mistakes, our hero stupidly talks to the penguin again, this time the penguin give our hero 10 potions. Our hero screamed “NO what are you doing?! giving me more potions so you can hurt me again?”

After that scary talking penguin stopped talking. Our hero is surrounded with a mist of blue with a orange message saying “Level Up” Our hero was now terrified, what the hell was going on?

Moving along though another magical portal; we end up in a colony where penguins have appeared to sculpt their own town through the ice. They all seem to think our hero is special, although she hasn’t seen it in herself yet.

The towns folk seem friendly, although they can’t stop talking, one penguin offers our hero a sword, she thinks to herself, “I’ve been frozen for hundred of years, I could use this sword to make myself a sandwich, Thanks!”

The sun sets as our hero dozes off for a nap that lasts 1 week. What kind of adventures will her quest to regain her memory lead her to next?

Liked it
  • jaysonv on Jan 1, 2010

    Great post..very informative..a work of love..thanks for sharing!

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