A fiction story,

Archer Angel


My hand was placed upon the bow and arrow ready to aim dead mark center. I knew what the goal point was. “Ready, aim fire” I thought to myself as someone placed their hand on my hand. “You’re not concentrating enough” they replied to me. I glared and turned around to the boy with teal hair that reached down to his shoulders, he also had blue eyes. The boy was named Nixon, he is my older brother and he is one who does not care for the sun much except on a good day.  I cannot say I really know why.

They meet

There is a park which is a fun place to walk. There was no school on this day, March 25. I slowly felt myself trip and fall and closed my eyes as I fell. A boy caught me in the soft green grass that the breeze of the wind that seem to blow so considerately. My face turned a strawberry color. I blushed in embarrassment. “I am so sorry, I can be so clumsy at times” I said without even thinking. He replied back and said “Why are you so nice?” I quickly got up from where I laid so calmly on his chest his face and mine so close.

 His trench coat so long it reached down to the ground upon which the grass stood still now as if the mighty wind had become hushed by this still new moment. His long black velvet hair so well brushed back but not easy to tell do to its lovely length, for it was in a ponytail, in a rubber band that matched his hair color. I stopped dazing at him and shook my head. I finally spoke when we both stood side by side. “Someone has to or who will” was my answer. He just smiled and laughed as he said “You have a point”.

I quickly spoke again as I became more calm and less likely to choke on my words. “Could we be friends?” I shyly and embarrassedly asked looking straight at him trying not to stare into his dark green eyes that were like a green dragon’s scales so addicting like an unknown drug. “If you want to, you know you are an odd one but I really do not care” He replied in a matter that seemed to show little affection. Then I said “I am Tessa Heartlen forgive me for my rude behavior, I should have said so earlier. I am so sorry, if you do not mind me asking what is your name?” I said rather quickly and in a fast pass in the tone and rhythm of my voice.

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