A short story.

 The Strong Cry

I continued to cry the rest of that night which caused my head to hurt and also made me feel a little dizzy. I however refused to let that bother me. I then heard a noise of that which would be called a lupine or wolf. “Why would such a creature be here?” I started too contemplated to myself if wolfs could even live in a local park. Then the noise was made again only more close and loader plus clearer. “No it must be a lost dog” was my second thought to myself. I was not afraid only worried about the animal as I trembled in the cold. “Come here boy, come here” I said walking closer to the sound in the direction I heard it. For a slight moment I saw the black wolf but it seems to disappear with the blink of my eyes.

“You know you should not play with stray dogs” I heard a man say as he placed his hand on my shoulder. I turned as I heard the voice behind me, it was one I knew very well and trusted greatly. “Sensei…” I said pushing away from him with my arms out. “Now why the tears” he said in a caring manner. “Who said I was crying” I said with a laugh and acted as if nothing was troubling me. “You’re lying to me” Sensei said taking my arm. “I then started to look up at him as a tear feel out from my eyes. “Sensei…. How come you can always read me” I said as the tears fell faster.

I wanted to be alone so badly, I could not stand him seeing me so weak. I sought to be stronger than him. I wanted him to be proud to call me his student.  “Forget I asked” I said as he locked his arms around me tightly, he gave me the same feeling Airun gave me but it also gave me a hint of fear.

 “No… I want to be stronger then you,” were the next words out of my mouth I pulled away and was about to hit his face. He took my hand before I could hit him. “I am not your enemy, Tessa” he said to me. “I know but I do not need a man to make me feel better, Jack Koronavel” I said stepping on his foot. Little did I know Jack seem to enjoy my hot headed temper that was like a little brat child. “You are so silly Tessa” he said with smile and he locked his arm around me once more. “Stop trying to make me feel better, it is not going to work besides, I want to find the wolf I saw” I said pushing his arm off mine. “Do not worry, the dog is mine and it is not a wolf only a husky” he said in a clearly lying tone and started to lean in to kiss me. “Jack…. Stop please” I said starting to cry again. Jack pulled away then spoke as he gently placed his fingers in my long blonde hair.

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