A short fiction story.


The next day on Sunday I quickly woke up as I took no time to stretch or yawn but rather jump from the bed to the floor. That was not the best chose of action for I nearly fell over my small dresser that had a white door on the top and bottom. Then in the middle it was a light blue the small door it had was also blue upon the right side. The next thing I did was run over to my clothes rack. I tried to think of what to wear with an over hyper mood of not being able to stand still. It was to the point as I seem to rock back and forth. There was so much I could pick from. There where blacks on the right end of the close rake and on the left red cloths. I went through the black clothes first. “No that will make me seem to dark or emo” I thought to myself not wanting to give Airun the wrong impression. Then my hand stopped on a grey blouse and a white top to go over it with a slightly darker shade of grey for my skirt. I then went through my hair ribbons. I quickly pulled out two white ribbons. I gently placed the bigger one in my hair and tied it back in a pony tail. The smaller one I tied gently around my neck like a classical chocker that one could get at the mall. The neck tie had a small bell on it which seems to look like a cat’s collar in some sense.

 I then looked over to my pet bird Link who is a Peach faced Sea green or Aqua Turquoise lovebird. “What do you think Link?” I said with a gentle smile and twirled in the outfit in a circular motion. Link started to tweet very swiftly to show how much he liked the outfit. “Link, do you want to come with me?” I asked as I placed one figure on the small bird’s head and scratched his head as he slanted it to the right. The bird flapped its wings like a humming bird and, with its little white head covered, that also had light code of peach on it. His small blue body it seemed shown how happy he was to go with me.

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