A short fiction story.

I sat down and watched him as he left. A part of me felt I should run after him. I felt my stand up for a brief moment and I walked a few steps. I placed my head down as I forced myself to sit still and watch him walk off. For I respected him too much that I wanted him to make his own choose rather than interfere on it. I felt a sharp pain in my chest. I did not understand why. However for the first time… I wanted to cry for someone. “Airun … I will wait for you” I said in a whisper as my dear new friend walked off. In the back of mind I felt my hand clinch to my face but on the outside I forced a smile. I did not want him to hurt because of me. I felt my hand tremble and I placed it behind my back to hide it. Then with my free hand I waved to him as if this blood written feeling was not there.

 “Airun … I think I might…” I would not let my inner thought finish. I could no longer see him and so I finally let myself fall to my knees and break down. My tears fell as if they were from a lake. The bird chirped at me as it tried to cheer me up but no smile or end of pain would come to my face. “Link please go home, I am fine” I said to him my voice clearly not speaking the truth. The water works of my light blue showed I was clearly not okay. Link sat on my shoulder and nuzzled his small white head on my face. Link then noticed I clearly wanted to be alone so he ran off home.

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