Teen Titans story.

Chapter 2: Of Titanic Proportions
Friendship is golden

These must have been the people that the mysterious stranger in the alley was talking about. These simply had to be the heroes I had heard so much about in this town, the speedy group I saw rapidly proceeding while flying about in the sky, its final member jumping hastily from building to building. Upon first glance, they didn’t look all that intimidating. Robin was about the same size as myself and everyone else, except for the robotic man, was pretty much the same general size as him. Some might have been slightly smaller or slightly larger, but besides the one guy, nobody else’s size showed a fierce force behind it’s figure.
Robin seemed like such a friendly soul. Even with the fierce look of grim determination sewn powerfully on his face, I could still tell how deeply he cared about the safety of others. Him and his group had made haste to arrive here and now he was determined to learn what troubled me and do everything he could to protect me from it. “We got an alert about an attack back here. What’s going on? Tell me what’s attacking you.”
I was shocked Robin and the other Teen Titans couldn’t see him. The mysterious man was pretty large, easily taller then any of us. I wasn’t particularly worried, but I could tell it was horribly troubling Robin. That showed how much his heart was centered about justice. “It isn’t that bad. The tall, creepy dude back there seemed fairly hostile, but he wasn’t really causing me that much damage. I think he was just attempting to appear tougher then he really is.” I shrugged slightly as I responded to Robin, trying to convince him that things weren’t as horrible as he thought.
Of course, Robin’s heart was as pure as could be. He wasn’t at all convinced by my argument. “That may be, but it doesn’t matter how minor the threat.” Robin replied proudly, putting his hands on his hips. His cape fluttered wildly in the wind, as if it were representing the overall tension from the mysterious man and the ensuing battle. “A criminal is a criminal and no matter how minor the crime, a criminal must be stopped and caught. No one should ever get away with a crime, especially hurting an innocent lady.” He smiled slightly.
As Robin smiled at me, the girl in the back snarled slightly, as if she didn’t favor Robin showing a liking towards me. She was wearing all blue. She had a small, sleeveless blue shirt that showed her stomach. She was also wearing a short blue skirt held up by an also blue belt. Blue plating on her arms matched well with her incredibly high boots, easily surpassing her knees. Her hair was long and brown, very well kept and incredibly beautiful. “Robin! What is it you are doing with the girl. Should we not be partaking in the fighting of the enemy?” The girl spoke very passively, despite the fact that she was aggravated.
As the girl spoke to him, Robin calmly turned back to speak with her. “It’s alright Star!” he called back, attempting to convince her in a calm manner. “I’m just trying to be nice.” He flashed her a smile and finished, “You know you’re my number one girl.”
She appeared slightly confused for a moment, and then changed her emotion to flattered, blushing cheerfully at the caped hero in front of her. “Aww, Robin! You are the nicest person I have ever known. I am glad I am the number of one.” I was beginning to get the idea that she had slight difficulties with the English language, as she spoke it in a rather odd fashion at times.
While the two were speaking, nobody noticed the shortest team mate sneaking back to check the situation with the mysterious man. He crawled across the ground like an animal. He was an interesting little one. He was wearing a mainly black suit, with a little bit of purple down the stomach. His shoes were mainly purple, and his gloves mainly grey. However, the most interesting feature of this kid was that his dark green hair matched his awkwardly bright green skin. I had never seen someone with green skin. He also had tall, spiked ears, which seemed to twitch like an animals. He came back, pushing himself between us. “Uhh… guys?” he asked sheepishly, interrupting us. “I’d hate to interrupt, but who are we supposed to be fighting; because I checked that alley and I’m pretty sure there’s no creepy tall dude back there.”
Upon hearing the little green kid’s comment, Robin immediately looked up, seeming incredibly shocked. He confusingly asked, “What are you talking about?” Before the little green kid could answer, Robin pushed past not only him, but me as well, going to check the alley.
Curious, the other Teen Titans rushed to see what had happened. They allowed Robin to go first, as he was obviously a prominent leader of the group. I stepped aside as the group rushed past me. First was the female who had problems with English, then the tallest, then flew by the other female. I was startled by the female’s darkened flight.
I might as well describe the other two before we proceed. The tallest male, the only black person of the team, was obviously cybernetic, unable to survive without his suit and the circuitry holding him together. You could barely see any of his skin underneath his metallic plating and the large cannon that currently replaced one of his arms. I could tell the cannon was something he brought out from his arm for battle, as he had two arms when he initially arrived. He was missing his left eye, which was instead cybernetic and glowed an eerie shade of red.
The other female, who I had yet to see touch the ground, was an entirely different form of supernatural all on her own. Her skin was very pale, which easily caused her to stand out. I couldn’t see her eyes properly, because they were hidden underneath the dark purple hood pulled over her head, attached to the body length deep purple cape. Underneath she was wearing a deep black suit which, if it weren’t for the sleeves, would look sort of like a bathing suit. She had a a yellow belt, bejeweled with lovely red gems. Her appearance was finished off with purple fingerless gloves and short purple boots. I noticed her eyes flash pure white for a moment under her hood as she flew off.
Once the rest of the group managed to pass by me, I too followed them into the alley. I stopped dead, nearly dashing into Robin who had stopped dead in his tracks. I titled my head, wondering why everyone was so still and silent. Upon pushing my self past Robin and the others, I noticed why nobody was reacting. There was nothing to react at! The mysterious figure was nowhere in the alley to be seen. “Wai– what…!?” I gasped in astonishment. “He was just down here. Where could he have possibly gone off to?” For a short while, I was at a pure lost.
However, I suddenly caught sight of something out of the corner of my eyes. On the roof of one of the buildings that formed the alley was a crouched black silhouette. Though appearing small now, I could tell it wasn’t, and as the figure rose upwards, I knew almost instantly this was the man I was just fighting against. He stopped for a moment, looking upon our group like a vulture. Then, he swung out his arms and took a grand leap backwards, leaving the area behind with one fell swoop. I could have easily pointed him out to the Titans, but something inside my head told me to keep this one to myself. For once, I listened to my inner thoughts, and I did just that. I allowed the mysterious man to escape quietly.
The green kid was swaying his head cheerfully back and forth, as if even though he new this was definitely not a playful situation. “Well, this isn’t exactly the dramatic fight scene we were hoping for.” he sheepishly laughed, stopping the obscene head movements temporarily as he spoke, even though he could have continued it while talking.
Robin appeared to be a trifle aggravated. He obviously had his heart set on a striking battle with my mysterious stranger and probably now felt defeated that his enemy had escaped before he could ever figure out who exactly it was. Taking the lead once more, Robin began wandering slightly ahead in the alley, searching for signs of the man so he could continue on the trail. He bent over, observing an area where the concrete had been slightly cracked and brought up, with a long metallic pole stabbed deeply into it. He pulled the pole out from the concrete, carefully and quietly looking it over.
As I figured he was curious about pole, I explained to him what it was all about. “He found that laying on the ground of the alley.” I explained, catching Robin’s attention. Inquisitively, he glanced back in my general direction to focus better and listen closely to what I was saying. “He just grabbed the first thing he spotted that could be used as a weapon and started swinging it at me. He must have abandoned it here when he ran for it.”
He listened closely to my explanation, occasionally nodding his head or quietly glancing back down at the pole or crack in the cement. Eventually, he rose back to his feet, nonchalantly tossing the long rod of metal back on the ground. “Cyborg!” Robin suddenly called out, catching the attention of the largest member of the group. “Scan the area, tell me if there truly was anyone else here other then her.”
The tallest member, who I now knew was apparently named Cyborg— fitting name— calmly motioned his head up and down in Robin’s direction. “Alright, Robin.” He respectfully agreed, taking a couple steps until he stood next to me. His size made me feel a bit uneasy, as I had never quite liked being surrounded by people taller then me, but I managed to keep myself calm. Quietly, Cyborg overlooked the area and I wasn’t quite sure what he was up to. Eventually his focus diminished as he turned back to face the group. “She wasn’t here alone. I can’t quite tell who was here with her, but there was someone, and they definitely went a few rounds.” I was rather amazed. When he scanned the area, I expected some sort of awkward blue light or red laser or something of the latter. However, that was not at all what happened. Quite the contrary, I couldn’t even tell Cyborg was scanning the area when he did so. It was such a subtle action.
Hoping to use this as a subtle way to avoid further speaking of the mysterious man, who was now long since gone, I suddenly announced noisily, “Oh well, that’s too bad!” I stepped between the group, slightly lowering my voice. “I guess it’s not that important. I wasn’t harmed; I wasn’t mugged; everything is quite alright.”
Though still appearing a trifle on the tense side, Robin did eventually, to my grand luck, heave a well needed sigh and calmly say, “Oh alright. I guess we can call this a half victory. It was probably just another teenager or something.” I could tell the hint of doubt flickering through Robin’s eyes. He was trying to calm down for my sake. “Titans, come here.” As they circled around Robin, he began with, “Is there anything else we need to do tonight?”
Cyborg glanced down at a small system on his arm, checking the information to see if there were any further calls. “Nothing as far as I see, Robin. There haven’t been any alerts or anything of the such.” Closing the device, he finished, “It looks like we’re in the clear tonight.”
“Should we proceed back to the tower to partake in the sleeping through the night, then?” the smaller female in blue inquired innocently, mainly throwing her question and focus towards Robin.
Robin glanced back at me for a fraction of a second, possibly thinking about something. Eventually, he went back to his team mate and said, “I don’t see why not, Star. As long as Beast Boy, Raven, and Cyborg are alright with it. Doesn’t look like there’s anything else we need to do tonight. Cyborg, Beast Boy?” Cyborg nodded first, then the little green child, who must have been named Beast Boy— as of this moment, the name didn’t seem quite as fitting as Cyborg did for the tall man— also responded with a grin and a nod. “Raven?” The darkly female threw a single, melancholy nod in Robin’s direction. “Well, let’s go.”
Before leaving, the cheerful female turned back, abandoning the group for a moment to some speak with me. Robin, Raven, Beast Boy and Cyborg paused, glancing back to see what their team mate was up to. When they noticed her coming to speak with me, they simply stopped and allowed her to proceed with whatever it was she wished to do with me. “I do hope you are not upset by our failure to apprehend the villain.” she began to me, speaking in a very polite, calm and friendly tone of voice, smiling slightly as well.
“It’s fine…” I muttered in response, cutting it short when I realized I had never caught her true name. They seemed to call her Star, but something told me that was more of a nickname then anything. “I don’t really mind.” I quickly added, so my trailing off wouldn’t seem as if I were internally upset by their failure, which I wasn’t in any way.
It was impossible for me to tell whether or not she was convinced by my response or not. She was such an overall cheerful and happy-go-lucky person that I couldn’t quite tell what her innermost emotions were, unlike someone like Robin who was much more prominent with his emotions. “I am glad to hear that. My name is Starfire.” I was right about the nickname thing. “We live in the Titans Tower across the lake of water.” She pointed towards the distant, suggesting a different waterfront from the one nearby. “If the mysterious man returns for you, I insist that you come to our tower and request our help on the repairing of the situation. I would be more then glad to assist you.” The rest of the group nodded as she spoke, as if signaling they too agreed with what was said. All but the darkly girl, Raven, who remained motionless and quiet, her eyes solemnly fixated upon my figure. “Fare the well…” Starfire drifted off, unsure of my name.
Feeling happy to see someone cared about me, I formed a smile on my face. I forgot for a minute about my life’s problems. I forgot about being poor and jobless; I neglected to recall the mysterious man, how he acted, what he said, anything. I was just glad somebody now cared about how I felt. “Adesa.” I replied to Starfire. “You can call me Adesa.”
“Adesa.” Starfire repeated joyously, clasping her hands together. “It is a very beautiful name.” I could see the slight pink blush highlighting her cheeks, she honestly liked my name. “I am very glad to have met you.” She threw me another smile before turning around, beginning to head back towards her group. “I hope we see each other again.” She called as she rushed off.
Quietly, not even loudly enough for the Teen Titans to hear me, I muttered, “Yeah… I hope so too.” I wasn’t sure if it was the desperation for company or if I truly felt friendship in these heroes. Whatever the reason, I honestly meant what I said. Smiling, though I was now left completely alone in the blackened alley in the late of night, I decided to pack myself up and begin to head back home to sleep away what was left of the night. So I headed on my way, alone physically, but with mental people keeping me company.
Walking back home was lonely and quiet. I knew I should have been used to having no company, but something felt so awkward about the Teen Titans not being around me. I wasn’t sure why I had this feeling all of the sudden. I had only known them for about five minutes; I had seldom gotten to know them or anything. Up until today, if you had started talking about the Teen Titans around me, I would’ve tilted my head sideways in confusion, given you an awkward look, then asked you who or what exactly a Teen Titan was. Yet here I am, already feeling attachment. Could it be possible that all these years I spent alone, nobody to care about me, had caught up with me? Was it possible that all these times I told people I was better or by myself, that I didn’t need anyone else as company, were all just a pack of lies, a way to convince myself that I didn’t need something I really did? Everything felt so confusing. As I walked through the door to my house, nothing felt convincing. So many things happened tonight and I couldn’t explain any of them.
First, there was the creepy guy in the alley. He seemed so dangerous, yet also not. I wasn’t sure whether or not I should warn Robin and the other Teen Titans about him. I learned from television that the strange looking guys aren’t always the bad ones. How could I tell? Meeting the Teen Titans was an all new experience on its own. It was an eye opener. Starfire… and the others… but mostly Starfire… made me realize how much I really longer for some sort of company. I could care less who; I just wanted someone who would exist in this city. However, there was a final thing I found interesting. The dark girl, Raven, she didn’t seem to like me very much. I noticed the way she silently eyeballed me, not smiling or nodding when Starfire said she wished to help me. Why did Raven not like me very much… or was there something else that made her act in such a manner? I had so many questions, but my head started spinning every time I attempted to answer them. I began to think that the best option may be to simply sleep it off instead of waste time thinking about it.
In the long run, I took a grand leap onto my couch, pulled a blanket over myself, and closed my eyes to sleep the night away. I glanced up sleepily, my eyes batting closed on their own. Eventually, I allowed my eyes to shut, so I could drift off to sleep…

Never did I notice the malevolent red glint outside my window…

I yawned loudly, rising up off the couch. My blanket was thrown on the ground, which was where it usually was when I woke up. I had a nasty habit of throwing anything on the couch with me down on the ground. My subconscious mind must have always convinced me that nothing else deserved to be up on the bed with me. It didn’t matter what it was, blanket, pillow, plush toys… everything always ended up on the ground. The sunlight shone brightly in the sky, causing me to turn my head aside with a low hissing sound.
I didn’t mean to do it, but sometimes I showed a powerful aversion towards sunlight with a spiteful hissing noise. It made me sound like I was a snake or a cat, and it made me sound really strange at times, but as someone who usually slept all day and wandered the streets at night, sunlight was obviously not something I was adjusted to.
Sitting up, I ripped up the couch cushion and threw it towards the window. However, that didn’t at all do what I had planned it to do. It simply crashed back on my head, which in return caused me to throw it down on the floor. In the end, I got stuck cleaning up not only the blanket and pillow I sleep with, but also the couch cushion.
Of course, I knew why I was bothering to wake up at such an hour, an hour I usually slept at. I was trying to act human, hoping I would run into the Teen Titans while they were out during the day. Why did I care so much about them? It was because they were the only who ever showed any signs of caring towards me. To be honest, I don’t think it had anything to do with the fact that they were heroes, but more so the concern they showed for me. They could have been a group of five hobos, and I still would’ve felt the same love towards them as I do these heroes.
I took my old sweet time that morning getting myself ready. I was hoping to gradually adjust myself to mid-day sunlight, and it was going fairly well. It took me a while, but I did eventually get all my morning activities done. I got dressed, ate, showered… you know these things by now. Eventually, I was able to take my jacket, tie it around my waist (for the sun was extremely hot today) and proceed out the front door.
However, I felt awkward as I left my house. I had been out during the day many times before, but hardly as much time as I spent out at night. When I went out at night, nonchalant wandering seemed so right, like it was meant to be done. To wander without purpose during the day just didn’t feel correct. Every time I went out at day time, I had a place in mind. This time, however, I didn’t. The Teen Titans could have been anywhere, and I didn’t have a clue in the world as where to start. I doubted heroes would still be sleeping, so that probably etched out the tower Starfire told me about. Unsure of what I should do, I simply sighed and decided towards aimless wandering, despite how awkward it may have felt for me to do. I took a different path then usual, heading straight towards the main part of town instead of away from it. If there was anywhere to look for a well known person, or in this case, group of persons, it would definitely be in the middle of town. I had once wandered this way at night, but quickly headed home afterwords. Ever since then, I have been rash in my actions to quickly avoid it unless I needed to go out and spend the little bit of money I got.
Pretty soon I arrived in the main city, feeling a trifle uneasy from the large groups of people galloping about rapidly. I lowered my head slightly, trying to make myself appear unimportant, which I pretty much was. I was hoping to draw as little attention to myself as I could, hoping that if I did so, nobody would bother me and I could search on my own.
I searched for quite a while and turned on sad and empty handed. Everywhere I went, I just found loads of people I wanted nothing to do with. So I would further lower my head and scuffle away before anyone spoke to me. Minutes turned into hours and I can’t fathom what I call anything it turned into beyond there that bright and sunny day. I paused for a fraction of a second, glancing upwards at the sign for a shop on the main street. At first, I only stopped to think, gazing at the sign to occupy my ever wandering eyes.
However, eventually the sign caught my interest enough for me to head closer to the shop. It was a slushie shop. As a naturally hot person, I always enjoyed a nice cold drink. I sighed sadly as I read the sign. So badly did I wish I could have waltzed into the shop and buy myself something to drink. Sadly, I didn’t have the money to go flaunting about, spending it freely at any store I just happened to wander upon on any item I found half interesting at that moment. Feeling dejected by the shop, I turned my head away I walked off.
Not two steps did I make it when I was stopped by a load yelling overhead. I couldn’t imagine how someone could be arguing in the sky, but it was happening. I stopped dead, attempting to listen in to the argument, where ever it was taking place.
“Man, you are not picking the restaurant again!” a vastly familiar voice argued loudly, clearly booming over the other voices around his own. “I hope you know nobody eats tofu. Can’t you just turn into a panther or something and deal with it?” Instead of a human response, whoever spoke was answered with a loud screech. “Well maybe if you weren’t a Pterodactyl you would be able to respond.” He stopped. “Wait a moment… don’t Pterodactyls eat meat?” There was no response at first, which lead me to believe nobody had any arguments. I couldn’t see why, because I knew for a fact Pterodactyls were meat eaters, but I also knew they were extinct; if that’s so, then who’s claiming to be talking with one right now?
Another voice suddenly interrupted out of the blue, “Oh goodness gracious. Let’s not argue about the food again. I don’t wish to hear it.” an equally as familiar voice butted in calmly, trying to make the two arguing sides (if you can cal it arguing, since apparently one of the sides is an extinct bird) make peace with one another.
Before the two could start arguing again, a friendly and feminine voice interrupted by saying, “We should be partaking in the making of peace. Shall we not be performing the eating of the pizza? We all like pizza, right?” Upon hearing that voice, I immediately knew who I was dealing with. It was all too familiar. The friendly tone of voice, the high pitch tone, the improper English. This simply had to be Starfire!! So the first voice was probably Cyborg and the second one had a high chance of being Robin, be it I was right about Starfire.
I glanced upwards, attempting to look around for the unlikely group of five. For some reason, I was failing to locate them. At first, I thought maybe I was hallucinating… except with sound…? I simply had to be. I was so convinced. Yes! That’s what happened. My paranoia finally got the better of me, by obsession over having someone to care about me. So I imagined the Teen Titans voice to provide me with comfort. As much as I told myself that, somewhere inside, I must not have believed it, because I quizzically called out, “Starfire?”
I expected no answer, and therefore was shocked when I heard the words, “Adesa? Is that your voice I am hearing?”
Excitement rushed through my veins. I wasn’t imagining things. I honestly had heard their voices. Unsure where to look for them, I called out in response, “Down on the ground! Not too far from the slushie shop.” I hoped that would be enough for them to figure out where I was standing at and locate me.
It must have worked, because before I could bat an eye, I was nearly knocked over my an excited Starfire, who came flying in from nowhere, nearly mauling me with a death hug. “Oh Adesa! I am so glad to be seeing you.” She cried joyously as she cut off my circulation with her deadly hug. I struggled slightly in her grip, hoping she would get the hint to let go soon. “Oh! I am sorry. I hope I did not harm you with my hug. I did not mean to.” She seemed genuinely startled, as if she honestly believed she truly had hurt me with a simple hug. By the time she released me and I calmly reassured her she had in no way harmed me, the others had all caught up. Cyborg, Robin, Raven (who was keeping her distance) and… indeed! There really was a Pterodactyl in the group! Standing in front of me, picking under its large filmy wings, was a sizable dark green Pterodactyl.
“Wow!” I gasped loudly at the sight of the bird. “You guys have a Pterodactyl. I thought those things were extinct.” I motioned slightly to the obvious bird nearby.
Everyone glanced at the green, dinosaur-like monstrosity. It seemed very nonchalant as every watched it. “That’s not a Pterodactyl.” Raven quietly said, shocking me as she never seemed to favor me far as I had known her. “That’s just Beast Boy, who is too lazy to walk anywhere himself so he turns into a giant bird and flies instead.”
Sure enough, the Pterodactyl suddenly morphed. It only took a fraction of a few seconds. Nonetheless, I could see in those few seconds the features of the Pterodactyl melting away to reform with Beast Boy, forming his little green body. No longer was there an extinct creature in front of me, but merely Beast Boy. That made the name much more fitting. “I turn into animals.” Beast Boy proudly declared after changing back to his human form.
Upon his return to human form, Beast Boy excitedly reached towards Cyborg, who quietly handed up a plastic cup to the little, hyperactive, green child. There was some sort of liquid sloshing around inside the container. Whatever he was sipping up, he did it with a powerful passion. There was a lid on the container, which stopped me from looking inside to see what exactly tasted so amazing.
Before I could speak, Robin immediately tore apart my train of thought by suddenly saying in an extremely serious tone of voice, “This is good; I’ve been looking all over for you.” As he said this, his team mates all simultaneously groaned, as if something inevitable were going to be coming up soon afterwords.
“Not this again…” Raven muttered darkly under her breath, skipping past my point of view and glaring towards Robin instead.
“Oh please Robin.” Starfire began to plead adorably, giving Robin a sad look. “Can we please speak of something else? This is a most joyous reunion. Should we really partake in the killing of the peace with a topic like so.”
However, whatever Robin had on his mind must have been a thousand times more important then the Titans own wishes, because he pushed past his team mates to get closer to me. “I wanted to speak to you about the person you met last night. I know you say he means nothing to you, but it’s really been bothering me. I wanted you to describe the person you met for me, give me something to work off of. I want to know just how innocent this man really is. This would certainly meet a lot to not only me, but the other Titans as well.”
Nervously, I began to mutter a response, when suddenly I was drawn off course by Beast Boy. His nose was twitching slightly and he looked as if he were about to sneeze loudly. Sneezes were highly distracting to me, so I couldn’t help but turn my head to look in that exact direction to see if he was actually going to sneeze or not. He drew back his head slightly more, opened his mouth a bit, all of the signs of an oncoming sneeze. ‘Ahh…aahhh….ha-choo!!’ Without much warning, Beast Boy released a furious sneeze, losing his grip on his cup and throwing it down. Nobody could have possibly reached out quickly enough to snatch it safely. It was doomed to fall on the ground and spill the contents. However, it never reached the ground because it was intervened.
I closed my eyes for a fraction of a second, as I felt I was unable to control my powers without a small degree of concentration before using them. I knew deep inside this wasn’t true, as I had used them on a panicked frenzy before, but it was something I convinced myself of anyways. I reached out my hand, but not because I wished to touch the cup with it. When I reached out, I could feel a powerful force rushing from my hand, taking hold of the cup. The cup and it’s half spilled contents floated innocently in mid air, as if there was nothing strange about a floating cup of half spilled liquid, where the dark brown contents are levitating in mid air rather then collapsing to the ground. I then guided my hands in a clockwise direction, as if I were moving my hand from the nine to the twelve. The contents rose into the air, slightly. The cup faced back upright and the liquid floated innocently back into its container. Everyone gawked in complete amazement. The other Titans all glanced in my general direction, finally deciding to search for the source of the amazing power. It took Beast Boy a moment to comprehend it, finally glancing curiously in my direction as well. I pushed my hand in his direction, causing the cup to approach him.
Though he was terribly mystified by the floating cup, he still reached outwards slightly, accepting the cup. “That was amazing!” He said in extreme astonishment and amazement. “Thank you for that!” This time, Beast Boy didn’t bother with the lid. He simply brought the cup up to his lips and began to rapidly chug it down.
Though it took anyone a while to speak, Robin was the next one to say anything about my power. “That was an absolutely spectacular power!” Robin declared in amazement, taking a small step towards me. “That was telekinesis, was it not? I wasn’t aware that you had powers of your own. Is that the only thing you can do, or do you have other abilities as well?” All of the sudden, Robin was treating me much different. At first, Robin often made me feel a trifle weak and inferior, as if I couldn’t defend myself. Now, he was acting more like I was his equal. Overall, it made me feel a bit better about myself to see him treating me this way, even if he was only doing so because of my powers.
Firstly, I knew I couldn’t reveal my power draining abilities. That was the kind of power the could be misconstrued as being very evil; therefore it was something better kept to myself. However, if I had already revealed to him I was telekinetic, then it couldn’t hurt to reveal my other ’skill’ if you can even call it a skill.
Slightly timidly, I turned to face Robin and responded, “Well, I am a master of martial arts.” I felt sheepish wording it that way, especially around a group of heroes. “I got my black belt when I was ten and I’ve been honing my skills whenever I have free time. I don’t know if you can call that a power, but I can still do it.”
“That’s a power as far as I’m concerned.” Robin agreed wholeheartedly. “I don’t actually have any powers. Raven has her black magic; Starfire can shoot star beams; Beast Boy turns into animals; Cyborg has weapons built into him. Me? I’m actually just a normal human. You’re more special then I am in that term. My skills are martial arts mastery and the ability to use a wide variety of weapons.” I was shocked to find the leader of a team of heroes was the one with the least powers. I would have expected Robin to have a huge list of powers at his arsenal. “I’d love to have a practice fight with you sometime, if you’re willing. I’m interested to see how good you are.”
Before I could add anything, Beast Boy howled in, “I wanna see the telephone-esis again. It was really, really awesome!” I couldn’t help but laugh as he failed to pronounced telekinesis properly, instead replacing telekin with telephone.
I smiled, giggling slightly at Beast Boy, which in return confused him. “Alright, alright. How’s about this.” I turned myself slightly as I began to speak, making sure I was facing both Robin and Beast Boy so they heard what I said. “If you’d be willing to meet me tonight in the abandoned factory parking lot instead of where ever you had planned, I will show you my skills, repeat my powers, and Robin…” he glanced intently upon me. “I will tell you about the man I saw as long as you don’t ask me about it and we have a fair fight.” Beast Boy was already nodding, but Robin remained quiet and motionless as I explained myself.
“I can agree to those terms.” Robin finally agreed with me, nodding quaintly as he did so. “So, tonight, then?”
Nodding, I replied, “Tonight. I’ll be there after sunset. I figure we’ll have privacy that way. See you then.” I turned the other direction. As I left, I heard Robin calling to the other Titans to come with him back to Titans Tower. I glanced back over my shoulder to see them leave. Raven and Starfire flew. Beast Boy carried Cyborg on his back as a Pterodactyl. Robin took to the roofs in one grand leap. I headed on my way.

Nightfall came quickly, much quicker then I assumed it would. It wasn’t long before I glanced out the window and saw sunset was upon us. So I proceeded outside, leaving my coat behind for the first time in my life. I figured a coat wouldn’t be a great thing to bring to a fight anyways. The abandoned parking lot wasn’t very far from my house and I found myself arriving alone, the Titans yet to arrive on the sight. I had to wonder if they would remember to show up. However, I decided to wait it out for a while just in case.
So aimlessly, I wandered the area, kicking up rocks and leaping over cracks in the pavement as entertainment. I took a seat on a wooden park bench for a while, but eventually didn’t like how it felt and got back up. I wandered towards a chain link fence, circling around the other side of it. I wasn’t paying attention at all as I turned around the side of it and therefore never noticed the figure approaching, cloaked in the darkness of the night. Next thing I knew, I was smashing into the person, stumbling backwards, facing the wrong direction, but never falling. I consider that a close call and a cunning rescue. Not falling was a victory to me.
Shaking my head, I apologized before looking, “I’m sorry about that one. Don’t know how I missed you.” I turned the other direction, hoping to look at whoever I was apologizing to, but was startled to see who exactly I had run into. Suddenly, I felt small, for standing in front of me was the mysterious man from the other night.
“Well, well… Look who it is again.” he began, knowing that with him and I, he had the right away to speak. “It’s my little friend from the alley. If I remember rightfully, I exquisitely told you not to follow me. Yet, look where we are. It doesn’t seem like you are very gifted at listening, hmm?” I clenched my first, resisting the urge to reveal my powers to him.
I had to remain brave, for the sake of the Teen Titans, the people who cared so deeply for me. I couldn’t expect to make them feel better about me being alone if I couldn’t handle myself in such a situation. “Do you honestly think I planned this? I didn’t mean for us to run into one another. I came here to meet with the Teen Titans. You just happened to wander here at the same moment I did. It’s completely irony that we ended up in the same location. I don’t know what part of you considers this following, especially considering I ran into you, unaware of who you were.”
I could see the shock reflected in him. Last time we met, I was so shy and timid around him. Now this time, I was showing such dominant bravery. I was standing proud, now. I kept tall and wasn’t afraid to speak down to him. “I see someone is getting some bravery lessons. As I said last time, you should just consider yourself lucky that I have better things to deal with then someone as idiotic and insignificant such as yourself.” Bending over slightly, so his face was even with my own, he asked, “So, are you honestly meeting the Teen Titans here, or is that just some sort of story to make yourself look a bit more impressive in front of me? If so, trust me, that story isn’t going to help you at all. You’re better off admitting you just came here because of something else.” Being in the presence of him made me feel such mixed emotions. I felt tense, hostile, angry. However, I also felt like I could do or say anything, as if I were the strongest force out there. That was something new to me. So possibly, there were some advantages to my creepy friend.
“I’ll have you know, sparky, that it just so happens I am meeting the Teen Titans here.” I boldly argued, putting my hands on my hips and releasing a loud and hostile huffing sound to relieve my pent up tension. “We made a deal. We would meet in a location of my choosing, Robin would get to test my martial arts skills, Beast Boy could see my powers again, and in return, I would reveal to them what you look like.” I now realized I probably gave him too much information; way too much information, in fact. Unfortunately, as much as I wished to take it back, I knew I couldn’t.
He smirked deviously, as if he too realized the screw up I made by telling him so much information. I couldn’t help but release a small snarl as he smirked in such a manner at me. “You should watch the things you tell others, especially someone such as myself. You never know what I’ll be able to do with information like that. I could ruin you. You’d be surprised…” Another malicious smile reflecting off the glossy surface of his face made me feel small again. I shied back slightly, knowing how pathetic it made me appear, but not caring. The bravery I had was slowly fading, being replaced by the fear I felt towards him.
I opened my mouth, about to retort angrily. Oddly enough, I found myself unable to come up with even a poor comeback for the mysterious man. My finger raised in the air, ready to make a smart-alek comeback slowly lowered as my brain informed it that I didn’t have any response to defend my honor with.
I was shocked when the man took a step back, standing straight and proud, and eerily announced, “You know, you don’t have to fear me.” Astonished, I peered up at him, confusion flickering in my eyes. “Fear is something that a person feels when they feel they are outmatched. If you have powers you claim, then you shouldn’t fear me. Your bravery fades quickly when outsmarted; it’s a horrible weakness, you know.” He paused, quietly thinking to himself, as if trying to think up the most creative response. “You should learn to conquer that. Often times I remind young Robin of his weaknesses. There is no entertainment in fighting a weak enemy. Conquer that little fear of yours; you might actually be a threat to someone then.” I was so royally confused. Why was a villain lecturing me on conquering my fears? Far as it looked, he was attempting to help me; he was telling me what I should fix. I know he claimed that he did it because he liked a challenge, or found no entertainment in fighting a weak target, as he put it. I still found it over, nonetheless, that he was bothering to assist someone such as myself when he made it sound as if he already had someone to fight with, and that someone being Robin. He began to continue, “I–”
He stopped in the beginning of his sentence as a voice— Robin’s voice to be exact— interrupted loudly from a distance by boisterously yelling at us, “Hey Adesa! Who’s that you’ve got with you?” He was too far away to see who we were and for all I knew, was simply just guessing I was myself, as if he couldn’t see who our mysterious stranger was, then there was a very high chance that he couldn’t see me either.
The mysterious man’s eyes were trained upon Robin’s small figure, behind it approached the other Teen Titans. “Well look here, the Teen Titans actually do know your name. I see you’re trying to make an image for yourself.” He craned his head to the side to glance at me as he added that little side commentary, obviously a sarcastic, subtle correction of his previous statement. “I do look forward to seeing if you’re tough enough to follow through. Can you impress the Titans? Can you overcome those pathetic little fears of yours? Can you rise to a challenge that someone such as yourself was not created to complete?” I shook violently, failing to mask my anger.
“That’ll be for me to know and find out, won’t it?” I hissed suddenly, releasing my built up fury in the form of one long, low sound. The man crossed his arms, looking upon me oddly as I made the hissing noise at him. “You’d like to know.”
He stepped back slightly as Robin and the other Teen Titans began to near the two of us and I realized what was going on. He didn’t want his identity revealed to them yet. He was waiting for the right time, a time I wasn’t going to allow him to wait out for. I may not have known his name, but I had spent enough time close to him to memorize what he looks like, what he sounds like… I could write a long descriptive paragraph about him as long as that paragraph didn’t require his name as part of the description. Now I could feel the tension coming from him. It truly meant a lot to him not to be discovered, but something inside of him missed lecturing me, intimidating me, downgrading my existence and slowly tearing apart any self-confidence I still had.
He turned completely to face me. “Adesa, am I right?” Timidly, I nodded, not minding if he knew my name now. “I see. Last I checked, Adesa was a male name.” I snarled loudly. I admit, my name had male origins, but it was a female name in some terms too. “Well, well, I can see I hit a touchy spot.” He threw a glance over, noticing the Titans getting closer. “Another day, Adesa.”
I should have seen it coming, but I was still startled by it nevertheless. Without warning, the man picked me up off the ground, lifting me high in the air as if I barely weighed a thing. I yelped shrilly in fear as he suddenly jolted in the opposite direction, releasing me violently. I went cascading through the air, landing with a smash on the wooden bench I had sat down on earlier. Upon making contact with it, my weight caused the old, rotten wood to break, snapping loudly underneath me. Therefore, I crashed through the bench and landed painfully in a large pile of broken wood. Oddly enough, flying through the air still felt a thousand time stranger then the initial pang of landing on another object and smashing it under my weight.
The Titans spotted the sudden hostile action. I heard Robin yell, “Titan’s go!” and they suddenly doubled, possibly even tripled in speed. The mysterious man, whoever he was, quickly turned the opposite direction and made a run for it, running at a speed that I think may even surpass that of the Teen Titans. By the time they reached me, the man was long since gone. Robin wanted to give chase, but a majority vote ended up besting Robin and causing the team to turn back and make sure that I was alright.
“Adesa!” Starfire cried, rushing up to me. “Are you alright?” I could see the fear and concern washing through her eyes. Her hands clasped together. Her entire aura shown with the worry she was expressing for me.
However, Robin was actually the one who proceeded to help me back to my feet. Cyborg pushed the large chunks of the broken wood from the bench away from me as Robin lowered his hand, waiting for me to take hold of it so he could pull me back up. Eventually, after finishing fighting with the broken wood, I placed my hand in Robins. His fingers closed around mine and he pulled roughly upwards. I was amazed at the force he showed. He pulled me back to my feet so simply, as if I barely weighed anything at all. Soon I was back on my two feet, though still covered in dirt and dust from being chucked straight into a wooden bench.
As Robin helped me to my feet, Cyborg quietly watched me in the same odd way he had the previous time. Eventually, he blinked solemnly and announced, “Biometrics say that nothing was harmed. It was more of a shock to her then a real harm.” I now knew he was scanning me once again, this time to check for injuries.
Of course, the second Cyborg finished speaking, Robin immediately pounced upon me to figure out who had attacked me. Before he spoke, I made note of the cautious way Raven stepped slightly behind Beast Boy, as if using him as a shield. Beast Boy simply glanced back at Raven, smiling lovingly, then turned back, not even noticing the overall strangeness. Robin said to me hastily, “Who did this to you? Who was that with you that attacked you? Just tell me who and I will hunt them down and bring them to justice. Please tell me. I want to do everything I can to help you out.” Starfire moved closer, as if to agree with what Robin was saying to me. Beast Boy and Cyborg were a bit more subtle, but still appeared as if they too wanted to help.
For a fraction of a moment, I thought I saw a slight smile show on Raven’s face. She took a step away from Beast Boy, revealing herself further. Since Raven glared darkly at me as I looked straight at her, I figured I imagined the smile and ended up ignoring it completely.
“It’s alright Robin.” I reassured the overactive hero, trying to put on my best convincing face. “I know that this stuff is important to you, but I’m a big girl. I can handle myself. I assure you, just as I said last time, I can handle this strange man on my own. He’s still not doing anything directly to me, besides throwing me into a bench. Anyways…” I sighed, knowing my next sentence would be a slight lie. “I’m the one that provoked him into throwing me into the bench. Just leave it alone, alright? He’s not that important to me right now.”
Somehow, somewhere, the strange man was smirking. If he heard this, he had to be enjoying himself. For even though I wouldn’t admit it, I hadn’t told on him. I had stopped Robin and the other Teen Titans from defending him. In a strange way, a way I may not even notice, I defended the mysterious man and protected him from harm.
I had allowed him to make a clean and quiet getaway. There wasn’t even a dramatic battle.

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