Danny Saucedo, Eric Saade and Molly Sandén fanfiction, written by Kikisan.


Danny Saucedo, Eric Saade and Molly Sandén fanfiction, written by Kikisan.

Chapter 13- All on You

I guess Danny wasn’t expecting that I’d be so decided when I ask him to let me take him from behind.
I hoped his ego won’t be affected. He always wants to be the dominant…

- Eric, do you know exactly what you are asking me?- He said seriously
- Of course. I’m not stupid.

Danny really felt uncomfortable.

- Come on, don’t act like a teenage girl that is keeping her virginity until she get married- I joked.
- But I am. I wanted to protect my virginity for you until we get married!- he said pretending to be offended but then he laughed.

He was obviously fooling around. But it won’t work this time. So he tried to play with my emotions

- Come on Eric, would you take my last piece of innocence? I have done so many crazy things but no one until now has fucked me.
- Hahaha oh come on! Danny and innocence don’t go together in the same sentence.

Danny looked at me with a weak smile, like he was thinking he was about to do something he’ll later regret.

I didn’t believe in Danny’s words. His explanation was very romantic, but I was sure he didn’t care about doing dirty things. It was just that he has always had the power when having sex.

Would he be able to give his power and strength to me and just enjoy everything that my masculinity could give to him?
I hope he will

- But Danny, if you have to do this. Would you chose me to be the one…?
Danny felt relieved as he thought I was giving up.
He softly touched one of my cheeks with his fingertips watching me as a proud father would do with his favorite son.

- In that case I would only let you enter me, because you are the only person that inspires me to give my entire body to and abandon myself- He added feeling inspired.
- Then, don’t make me waiting I said and I try to jump on him.
I wished I could be faster to put Danny in all fours. He wasn’t prepared for my movement but he is faster than me! Lucky boy.

- Catch me if you can- Danny sung laughing at me.
- Oh Danny please! – I cried like a spoiled child. – Don’t be such a coward!
- Eric, I said no. Why do you want me to do something I obviously don’t want to do?
- Please I said looking directly to his eyes.
- Why? – He implored.
- Because I have given you everything. I have been yours and I want to make you completely mine- I remark.

Danny remained in silence for a while. Even from my point of view I could imagine Danny’s blond neurons working really fast
Should I do it? Maybe the manboy is right? Is that fair? Etc.
It was really funny but I knew I better don’t laugh or try to pressure Danny. Otherwise he’d feel upset and he’ll have the perfect excuse to refuse it.

Finally he speaks.

- d**n, Eric. Why do you have to be right? At least, why on this subject?
I tried not to look so proud of myself.
- Danny, why is so hard for you to do this to me?
- I think you are right. It’s just that… I’m not used to these things. Now understand me- he begged.
I kissed him.

- Will you let me, be inside of you?
- Yes, but not tonight
I didn’t like this. That’s another way to say never!
I guessed I looked disappointed
- Hey, don’t look at me this way- He added immediately. I promise, next time we’ll do it as you want it but I have to ask you something.
- Sure- I said not being sure of what Danny would say next.

However he just had a cute smile on his face

- I guessed, I have never told you about, how sexy you look when you were 15 years old. I’ve watched some pictures and… you were such a hunky little boy
I blushed
- Eric, I have a sexual fantasy: I’d love to have sex with you while you’re dressed as a school boy. That would be so hot.

I felt relieved. I can do that.

- Sure, I would do it.
- Great- he said.
Thanks God he was feeling better.
- You’re the best lover I’ve ever known. You have done all I wanted to make me happy. How can you learn so fast?
- I love you, Eric- He said to me.
- I love you too, Danny. So please, stop acting like if you were about to make a big sacrifice- I added

My boyfriend just laughed
- Ok Eric. Sure I’ll get used to it and then I’ll be the one who asks you to f**k me harder and deeper- he joked before biting his lower lip.
- But for now, let’s go back to the action

Danny stood and took one of my hands and pulled me to my feet and led me to beside the bed and in front of a mirrored wall.
My cock was rock hard now. I’m not sure if it ever felt this hard before. Danny undid my belt lowered the zipper and let my trousers fall down around my ankles. My boxers were next on the list. With his thumbs in the waistband he pulled out and over my raging cock and down to join my pants at my ankles.

As he stood up his cheek brushed the tip of my cock. There was a drop of my precum on his cheek.

- What do we have here? – He said satisfied.
- Oh- he continued. It seems that little Eric is getting excited
Then with a smile he took the glistening droplet from his cheek and put it on his tongue.

Next came his pants and underpants. We were both naked now. Danny turned me so that I could see our two naked bodies with rock hard cocks in the mirror.
His soft, but somehow cold hands moved up and down my big, not so innocent dick making it hard for me to suppress my groans.

- Aww Danny, do me with your mouth- I asked him.
He bites my shoulder gently and whispers
- Soon I will. I wanna taste you all your body. I want to be all on you.

You make me better
I give it all I got to get to you

Can you take it?
I am all on you

When he kissed the side of my neck I tilted my head back rested it on his shoulder.
He moved behind me and began to caress my body. I felt his cock touching my ass. His fingers played with my nipples again. When he kissed the side of my neck from behind, I laid my head back and rested it on his shoulder and closed my eyes. I was in ecstasy.

Danny motioned for me to lie on the bed. He crawled onto the bed above me straddling my left leg. I wanted, so much now, for him to touch my cock. But it seemed that he was in no hurry for that. His lips were covering my nipples again. He moved up to my shoulder and to my neck, my ear, my cheek, my forehead. Tasting them and getting me even higher with every move he gave tasting my whole body.

His lips paused near mine. I pulled his lips to mine. Our lips parted and our tongues began a dance I’m used to but that always gets me high. Have I told that Danny is the best kisserin the whole world and that he can make you feel you’re in heaven while he is kissing you?
These seconds were priceless. I couldn’t believe how comfortable this was all beginning to feel.

He was now between my spread legs and his lips were moving down my body. I reached down and grabbed his cock but then Danny just stopped me.

- This night will be all about you. You can do me later, if you want.
By later he means “next time”. I couldn’t feel angry when my beautiful boy was stimulating my body in such an enjoyable way but I was impatient for that day to come, when I could do it everything to Danny. To show him that I can give him the same pleasure he is giving to me. That I want to be his bed fellow, his man too.

I wanted. I reluctantly let go of his hardness. After all, I still was the student when I am with Danny. The teacher had spoken.

I felt warm his breath on my cock. In an instant my entire member was in his mouth. First Danny pumping it up and down. Then he was licking the underside of my cock. I was about to cum and so I made him notice.

- Yes! Do it. Cum in my mouth- My boyfriend ask me with true desire.

My cock jerked and Danny took it all and swallowed it until he drank the last drop of my milky juice. He pumped and sucked faster again and my cock released another spurt. Danny swallowed it again making me moan.
He slowed down now, still holding my cock in his mouth until he was sure that I was totally spent. He let my softening cock slide from his mouth. We both said thank you at exactly the same time. This brought a laugh and a kiss on the lips.

- Danny I love you. You’re the best.
- I love you too now let’s sleep.

We slept together for an hour. Then I took Danny to his house and went to my own one.
When I arrived I slept with a big smile upon my face. Feeling so innocent and so… complete. And let’s not forget; I feel really happy as I couldn’t imagine I would feel just a couple of hours ago.
Danny. I am sure he is the best medicine for my heart.

My girlfriend was sleeping. However, she smiled when she felt I was in our bed.

- I love you Eric- she said.
- I love you too. Now go to sleep- I said in a soft protective voice.
Then I kissed her.

Next day I wake up early in the morning looking for a “school boy uniform” that would look good in me.
I made some calls and convince one of my assistants to buy some of them for me “for a photo shoot” that will take place in the following weeks that would be very sexy. I couldn’t take the risk to buy these things in public.

The girl laughed on the phone when I asked her to do it. I guess she was imaging me in a school uniform. However, at the end she accepted to help me and would send me the costumes after lunch time.

Then day passed away. I talked to Danny who was really busy this day but he was happy for having me back. I also called Molly who knew what was the reason why I was so late yesterday.

However she also “has fun” in my absence. I was happy for her and I hope we could meet each other tomorrow.

I think I’ve made a really nice concert at Parken Zoo. In part it was because I’ve received a box with all the customs and an invoice, some hours before the big event. I took a look at them very quickly because I didn’t have so much time to lose.

Next day, when I was at home, I slowly started admiring every single piece of the uniforms thinking about, which one would be better to make Danny excited and wanting to takemy clothes off. I thought I was alone but…

- Are you returning school Eric?- Molly joked
- Ehm… it’s just… an idea… Danny has in his mind.
I was as red as a tomato
- He is such a pervert- my girl laughed.- So he wanted that you look like a little school boy?
- That’s actually very easy cause you are so small and cute- she added and then she started kissing and cuddling me.

I kissed her back one, two, three times! Hahaha

- I love you are happy again- she said when we separated
- Thanks- I replied feeling a little bit embarrassed.
- And he asks you to make him a private show?
- Oh come on Eric! She said pinching me because I was feeling embarrassed and at the same time I tried to keep a straight face because the way she said that was so funny
- That’s his condition to let me…
- Finally! She said and then she laughed

- I’m sorry Eric- my girlfriend explained when she stopped laughing. – It’s just that, it looks that my cousin acts like a virginal lady when he is quite the opposite, don’t you think?
- I liked this one- she pointed a suit after a short pause.

I looked at her

- I think you are right and with my help you will look so hot but sweet at the same time that Danny will be begging for you to f**k him- she said so naturally that it makes me wonder how she could assimilate all this.
- You don’t have to do this, honey- I remembered her.
- I know but I like it. Yes I do. I have never felt jealous for Danny. I’m just curious and…

I didn’t let her continue her speech.
I put my hand on her waist and closed her mouth with a kiss. It was just wonderful.

- We talk about this later, princess. Now I just want… you.

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