First chapter of my memoir entitled “Bits And Pieces”

Chapter 1


It’s not that I was a horrible, demon-spawn child; far from that as a matter of fact.  I was an Army Brat and therefore I was in basic training for most of my childhood.  The problem was that I was a scant bit more rough around the edges than other little girls; any little girl for that matter.   I was NOT a girl inside though; so this just negates everything I just said, except for the fact that I could be an enfant terrible. 

My parents were, of course, oblivious to the fact that this impish side of me could erupt at any moment during playtime.  Well, all except for those times when I was RATTED on!!! Bastard tattle-tale parents…their child, nor they, could take the harsh realities of childhood play.  I had my parents somewhat snowed though; gotta play nicey-nice in front of mom and dad!  The second I got my ass a bit of freedom though I was on the prowl for subjects for my fiendish behavior.

Sometimes, thinking back, I am struck with the fact that there is a possibility that we were the ‘subjects’ of the US Army and, therefore, my behavior was certainly a side effect.  Come onnnnnnnnn……..White Sands, New Mexico as a day trip?  Fun for the kiddies!!!  Come one…..come all!!!  Yes, I did go to White Sands with my family on a trip and it WAS incredible!  Being the rambunctious four year old that I was, I could have stayed alllllllll day!!!!  The sun was shining bright and the white sand went on as far as the eye could see.  And the dunes!  The dunes were the epitome of a child’s sandbox dream.  I ran up it and rolled down it……..up and down, up and down, up and down, up and down.  There was no end to my energy as far as that dune was concerned.  I remember my bright blue shirt covered with white sand and sand in places it should not have been when we left.  Of course, you were FORBIDDEN to take the sand according to the army, I mean there were signs all over the place buttttttttttt, mom, being the nostalgic person that she is, NEEDED that sand and proceeded to place some in a jar for us to carry home.  Ohhhhhhhh the excitement was endless that day.  My sisters were 11 and 12 and even they were awed by the scenery and the dune sleighing.  It was almost as if it was a white winter in New Mexico! 

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