If you can make it in Montreal…you can make it anywhere!
[Some text in this chapter are in a language other than English]

Another fine fall day in Toronto, and meanwhile at City Hall…

Judy, James and Jannet were in the office early this morning. Well, Judy is always early. On this morning, they were working on a very special project. They were setting up James’ and Jannets’ desks. Yes, those two, now that they have been hired will have their own cubes in my office. I hope they don’t forget who is in charge around there.

The desks and computers were already there. We have “special people” who set up those things. As we all know, we are all incapable of setting up desks and computers, so we have to pay “special people” to do this stuff for us.

Those buggers got brand new computers! I have been working for the mayor for years, where is my new computer?

James was walking around with this huge nerdy smile. He was so full of himself. As if to say “Ha ha, I have a new desk, I have a new computer, and you don’t”. Screw you.

Jannet was crawling around under her desk for some reason. Her feet were sticking out.  Judy was carrying a box of papers for James’ desk. As she was trying to squeeze by all the mess, she tripped over Jannet, and the box of papers went across the floor.  Oh yeah, you saw that coming around the corner, didn’t you?

Meanwhile in Montreal…

It was very early in the morning, just past six o’clock. The bus had pulled into the terminal over two hours ago, but everything was closed. I couldn’t even check into the hostel.

Coach Jeremy was sending me to Club de Boxe Underdog.  Nine Rue Ste-Catherine Est. 

In English language that means, ‘Underdog Boxing Club at Nine St. Catherine Street East.’ That is right downtown, or should I say ‘Centre-ville.’

I guess the best way to get there is by Metro, but I should check into the hostel first.

It has been a while, but if I remember it is three blocks east of the bus terminal. That’s, ‘Est de la gare routière.’

Hey, I am going to be here for a while. I may as well try to fit in. I may as well try to ‘Parlez-vous français’.

I found the Alexandria-Montreal.  It is a nice place, close to center-ville,  but a fairly quiet street for so close to downtown. 

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