Dire secrets are discovered.

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Previous chapter:  Snow Dream

Two months into the fall season passed as true bliss for Gaedon and Mara. They spent practically all their time at Marchalla’s. Monorra and all the children visited many times. Mara delighted in watching them show her how skilled they were with their swords and blades. She encouraged them to do their best whenever she could get them to show off for her. She also questioned them and encouraged them to tell anything and everything they could about their father Anash and about Avris, who was away.

When she could, Mara would also spend time helping Marchalla in the kitchen or out in her garden. But because her belly was getting so big, she actually spent a lot of time just sitting, watching and asking questions.

But one morning this peace was broken abruptly. Gaedon had gone to the lair for winter supplies and it snowed that night. This snow was early and deeper than usual for a first snow. There was a stable dug into the side of the mountain just few minutes walk from the cottage. Mara got up early that morning and even with her swollen belly she made her way thru the snow. She had to check on Saban.

Marchalla was awakened when Mara closed the door behind her. It was still a bit dark outside as she arose. Her clothes floated to her as a brush worked through her long hair. All she had to do was raise her arms and the spirits took care of her desires. Very few people outside of her family knew anything about her ability to see and speak with spirits. Not all of her family knew how the spirits adored and took care of her. Avris was the only one alive now that knew how much the spirits could do for her.

Once she was dressed and ready, she followed Mara out to the stables. She approached quietly and looked in. There she moved into one of the side stalls. She could see and hear clearly between the old logs. And as always, Marchalla could see Saban’s wings and horn.

Liked it
  • fishfry aka Elizabeth Figueroa on Jun 17, 2012

    A chapter from a story?, I enjoyed reading it but it was a little difficult to follow the story line. Developed it will make an awesome short story.

  • PR Mace on Jun 20, 2012

    Afraid I have to agree it was hard to follow.

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