Short story with a twist of vampiric mythology.

Deep within the forests of Hailing, the darkness that once possessed the land now possessed itself. Of course it still possessed its fertile land, and its blood filled inhabitants, but it also possessed the land to such a point that the darkness possessed the darkness. In other words it possessed itself. Within that darkness there were different entities that revolved themselves around that darkness, and one of those entities were undoubtedly the vampires.

Dark Horse was chosen as the Hailing clan name because of a certain legend that circulated throughout the land.

The legend of the Dark Horse began around the same time the humans entered the harbor of the Blood Sea. It was said that a black horse ridden by a black caped man rode through the forests of Hailing every night since the landing of the humans. After the legend began to circulate throughout the population the sightings of the black horse and black caped man stopped and it soon drifted apart as an actual legend. Although the legend that was told amongst the humans was oddly similar to the one told among the old time vampires, but to the vampires it was a legend it was their life.

The clan leader of the vampires back then was Lord Helios and he committed himself to being the rider of the Dark Horse the humans saw. As an image Helios used the legend among the humans to obtain his drug and the soon to be lifestyle of modern vampires. He lured the humans that saw him to him and drank their blood therefore creating the lifestyle of every vampire after that.

From then on the clan called itself after the horse Helios clomped around on. The horse was a stallion with a tint of maroon in its black coat. The nostrils were believed to escape fire and the hooves as well and there serve the legend of Dark Horse.


The king of Dark Horse as well as its queen prefer not to feed on human blood as much as their ancestors. The influence of the clan boomed when the humans landed on Hailing and from then on the blood was all the vampires could think about. Human blood was like a drug to them, but recently the drug has become nothing but time in the past. King Rouiés and Queen Havana have demolished that lifestyle and have turned it into tradition.

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