This is the sixth part of the Kindred Zombie/Roderigo series.

“Hell yeah I wanna see what the others do!” Vivian exclaimed.  She started opening the box that sat underneath the Poama Nobi box when they heard clapping coming from behind them.  Both girls whipped around and pointed their guns at the intruders.  No matter what they did or where they were they always made sure they had a gun or some sort of weapon handy.

Vivian always wore hers on her hips and laughed when Roderigo once told her that there was once time when carrying guns without a piece of paper saying that you could, would get you into a lot of trouble.  Of course since it was rare that E.V would take off her trench coat, out side of bathing, she carried her pieces inside of it.  No one would ever know she was carrying anything unless they hugged or leaned up against her.

Leaning on the hood of their car was a boy who looked to be about fifteen and a woman who could easily be in her late forties.  The boy was wearing slightly over sized jeans and a black hoodie with some of his blond hair sticking out.  The woman was also wearing over sized jeans and a black hoodie with blond hair but unlike the boy, silver had started to take over at her temples.  “Are you going to shoot us?” she said with an accent they never heard before.

Seeing them in the sweaters made Vivian realize that regardless of the sun being out, the day seemed a bit chilly.  “Who are you and what do you want?” asked Vivian.  Neither of them put their guns away but E.V subconsciously moved toward the boxes.

“We only need a ride.” the woman said.  The boy nudged her with her elbow and she added, “I’m Dia Icio and this is my son Marxes Icio.”  The girls glanced at each other briefly and E.V stepped toward Vivian and handed over her gun.  While E.V collected the boxes Vivian held both guns on the Icio’s and when E.V was finished they both walked steadily over to their car.

Marxes came forward to meet them and help E.V with the boxes.  Noticing that he was slightly limping she allowed him to do so.  They put the boxes back into the no longer secret compartment while Vivian spoke with Dia.  “My name is E.V.  How old are you?” she asked him.  Mostly she wanted to ask him what happened to him to make him limp like that but a memory of being bawled out by Vivian for telling a woman that her child seemed to be mentally retarded, kept her from doing so.

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  • sara20 on Apr 24, 2010

    Interesting post with lost of information and today i know about it more info. Thanks


  • Ruby Hawk on Apr 24, 2010

    An interesting story,

  • Sharif Ishnin on Apr 25, 2010

    Good continuation, I’m waiting for the next part of the story..

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