You have ever see a dream, if not, see today.

  •  I only remember one dream in my life. I have recalled it over and over. Every detail, every sound, every emotion at the time of the dream, still so very powerful and even now so many years after I had it.

  •  In my dream there is a man. I love him beyond words. Beyond anything I have ever known in this life, yet in my mind, I kept telling myself I know him. How this was so? How I could love a man that I have never seen before, how could have such intense feeling? But then I realize it is a dream and in dreams I guess anything is possible.
  • We take a walk, my love and I. It is a summer day, possibly spring but it is so warm and I feel my skin prickle as  sunshine kisses both me and my love.  We smile at each other, our body is in contact only via our hands – cupped together as one, a symbol of joining, a simple action of love.
  • Our walk is short as we reach the local park, a creamy white pathway stretches ahead paralleled by dark rich green grass. We are happy and life is precious. I feel comfortable and safe.
  •  A loud sound happens to my right, the back-fire of a car possibly. It drawn my attention away but when I look back to his face,  his smile is frozen and his life essences seems to pale. Time is moving slowly, just like in the movies and no matter how hard I try to fight my own internal panic I can’t stop what happens next.
  •  Looking from my love’s face to his chest, then his stomach I see blood seep from a small hole in is shirt. The blood pools and stretches across his lower half. My eyes move upwards to rest on his face, only moment before so full of life and love – smiling into mine, but now a frozen grimace of pain and knowledge that he is dying.
  •  My love collapses into my arms and time speeds up as I scream for him to stay with me. His face so brave now, his breathing so ragged, his life coming to its end – my eyes blur with tears, only one emotion is present, my throat is thick with grief.

     “Please” I beg him “please don’t leave me” I say heavily.

     My love says nothing for what seems like a long time, but stares up into my face as if to etch it into his soul for all time.

     “I love you” he says softly and dies in my arms

     “I love you” I say, unsure if my words were heard.

     “I love you” I whisper once more, mostly in prayer.

     I wake.

  •  My pillow is wet from crying in my sleep and I feel so lost. I ache for the man I have lost, a man I don’t even know and oddly, save for his eyes, those eyes that held his love for me right to the end and even beyond, I can’t even remember his face.

     I weep into the night, for the man of my dreams, my love, lost.

     In dreams we can be anyone, but is it also a record of who we once may have been? Who knows, all I know is that some how, I am comforted by the knowledge I had once been loved so greatly, even if only in my dreams.

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