Fan fiction combining season one of Queer as Folk and (loosely based on) Vampire the Masquerade. The tale of Brian Kinney plunged into a world of vampires where he finds himself entangled with Justin Taylor and other creatures of the night. There is adult content and language.

“Not at all,” Isis answered.  “The number of Kindred with a Royal Bloodline is actually more rare than it may seem.  Most cities Prince’s are non-Royal Bloodline members here in the United States.  Abroad it is different and more traditional; but then again there you have many non-Camarilla Clans controlling cities.  No, in the United States if a City doesn’t have a member of the Royal Bloodline to take the throne, any Kindred can lay claim to the throne.  In the end, an election is run, then The Conclave elects a Prince.  It’s like voting for the next President, only we vote under the impression that the Prince will rule the City for an eternity instead of 4 years.”

“So,” Brian said looking at his watch.  “If, and that’s a big ‘if’, I get to be Prince, odds are either Lazarus or Justine will try and kill me and Princess.  Then after all that fun, they’ll lay claim to the throne.”

“Exactly,” Isis replied with a smile.  “Or they just might discredit you and your young lover while they discredit the Prince in about…” she looked at her watch,  “an hour. ”

“Lazy bastards,” Melanie huffed.

“Who?  My father?  The Ventrue?   Or those creepy Malkavians?”  Justin walked up to the group and stood behind his lover.

“How long do we have again?”  Brian asked Isis leaning his head backward on Justin.

Isis brought out a room card key and held it in front of Brian’s face.  “An hour.  Room 166 and don’t be late.”


Justin and Brian rushed back into the conference room where The Conclave assembled tucking in their shirts and straightening out their clothes as everyone stood patiently waiting for them. 

“Nice of you two to join us,” the Justicar said smiling and leaning back in his chair.  “Proper procedure dictates that we must continue in your absence, which we did.  Fortunately, the only thing you missed was the charges the Tremere Clan made against Prince Taylor.  We were about to begin a vote, unless either of you have anything else to add?”

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