Fan fiction combining season one of Queer as Folk and (loosely based on) Vampire the Masquerade. The tale of Brian Kinney plunged into a world of vampires where he finds himself entangled with Justin Taylor and other creatures of the night. There is adult content and language.

“We make the choice,” the Malkavian girl said.  “We choose to serve our Prince, loyally.”

“Then get your fucking teeth away from my best friend, bitch,” Brian answered taking a step towards the young girl, who held a struggling Michael.  He turned to look at the Malkavian leader, as she stood perched above a faint-looking Justin, who could barely keep his eyes open.  Brian let the words slip from his lips like acid, rolling his eyes almost seemingly indifferent.  “And might I add that eating my mate isn’t the smartest way to show your loyalty to your Prince.”

“No more daylight, for we need darkness,” the Malkavian woman said.  “And you are our darkness.”

“I suggest you vacate,” Isis said from behind Brian.  Merill and Emmett stood behind her, both holding swords in their hands.  Emmett holding the weapon like a purse rather than a sword, though he looked like he’d use it.  “Or you will feel the renewed force of the Tremere.”

“I serve me Prince,” said the Malkavian girl.  She seemed confused as the decisions she was given didn’t seem to sit well with her.  “I serve my Clan. I see…I see, I see, a tree, a flea, a bee, a knee…me?  I serve both my Prince and my Clan.  My Clan and my Prince.”

“What the fuck is she talking about?”

“I serve,” the girl said taking a step towards Brian.  She maneuvered quickly, then disappeared into thin air.

“She serves her Prince,” Isis said.  “I suggest you listen to your elder, she knows there is no future here.  Your Primogen leads you into her own jealous rage, do you wish to follow?”

Merill moved in closer, taking a position in front of Brian, holding his sword high in the air ready to attack. 

“We Malkavians,” their leader said.  “Serve our Prince to serve our Clan to do as our Primogen orders.”

“I get it,” Justin whispered, though every Kindred in the room heard him.  He struggled to get the words out, though it was obvious he was living on borrowed time.  “Brian, I finally get it.”

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