Fan fiction combining season one of Queer as Folk and (loosely based on) Vampire the Masquerade. The tale of Brian Kinney plunged into a world of vampires where he finds himself entangled with Justin Taylor and other creatures of the night. There is adult content and language.

“Well, don’t forget the ones coming up the stairs as we speak,” Isis said as figures finally began to show themselves outside of the loft windows.  “There are about…40 with more on their way, I suppose.”

“Can you count,” the Malkavian woman said, giggling so much so that orange spittle dripped from her lips.  “Can you count? Can you count the amount?  Can you, can you, can you?”

“Count this,” Justin said punching the leader in the face.  Her minions grabbed a hold of the Toreador, but they weren’t fast enough to take Isis’ full on assault.  She pounced on them, grabbing Justin’s arm and flinging the much larger young man over her shoulder faster than any Kine could see. 

“We’re already outnumbered,” Merill said like nothing was wrong at all.  To him, it was obvious, the facts told the truth and it didn’t seem to bother him.  “Do you need to shame yourselves by taking hostages?  Give your Prince his Kine minion and he’ll listen to your request.”

“Request denied,” the leader said.

“Then so is yours,” Brian said not taking his eyes from Michael.  “Like I’d fuck your Primogen anyway.  That twisted chick that fucked my granddad?  You guys may be crazy, but I think you know the difference between a man and a woman.  Let me make this simple…no cock…no fuck.  Tell your Primogen that.”

The leader’s eyes seemed to get smaller and her face calmer.  For a moment she looked like a sensible woman with a terrible fashion sense.  “You can tell her yourself.”

In an instant, every Malkavian inside the loft disappeared.

“How the fuck do they do that?”  Brian looked around, but saw that Merill was still keeping an eagle’s eye on the looming figures outside the loft while Isis took her place in front of Justin and Emmett, protecting her childe and Prince’s Kine brood. 

“Obfuscate,” Merill said glancing around the room, trying to sense where the Malkavians were.  “There still in here, but we just can’t see ‘em.”

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