Fan fiction combining season one of Queer as Folk and (loosely based on) Vampire the Masquerade. The tale of Brian Kinney plunged into a world of vampires where he finds himself entangled with Justin Taylor and other creatures of the night. There is adult content and language.

“Evil Caine, Justin,” Craig said from behind his son.  “Do you have to…flaunt yourself like that?”

“How did you get in here?”

“I was let in,” Craig said.  “Not everyone’s excited by your…”

“Boyfriend,” Justin said happy that Brian was in a deep sleep when he said it.  “Dad, please…”

“Stop, young man,” Craig said.  It was then Justin saw the dagger in his father’s hand. “Don’t bother calling out.  Your guard let me in.”

“I won’t let you hurt him,” Justin said standing up and facing his father.  He stood between his angry parent and his sleeping lover.  “So you’ll have to go through me.”

“I don’t want to, son,” Craig replied, worry crossing his face for the first time.  “But, I will.”

When the words came out, tears began to fall from Justin’s eyes, though he stood tall and appeared brave. 

Craig changed his tactics, thinking to barrel right through his son to his enemy.  He pushed Justin aside, only to have his son grab an arm and shove them into the wall.  “Dad don’t!”

Craig pushed Justin aside, but the young man had a good grip and took his father with him.  They tumbled onto the bed; both struggling to gain control of the dagger, though it was obvious Craig had a better grip.  Justin struggled to gain control, only to have his much stronger father force him on his back.

Craig jammed his knee into Justin chest and snatched the dagger from his son’s hand.  He looked down at his captured boy and placed the blade of the dagger to Justin’s throat.  Justin closed his eyes and cried, but in no way stopped his struggling.  He just kept repeating his plea, “Dad, don’t. Please, Dad, don’t.”

Craig looked down at his son and removed the dagger.  Instead, he grabbed his son by the arm and tossed him across the room, slamming him into the bathroom door, cracking it.  He immediately went to Brian and prepared for the blow that would kill the bane of his existence.  He brought back his dagger when he felt the blow to his knee.  He turned to see his son holding a bat, crying and begging his father to stop.  All he could think to do was turn around, which he did only to have his son place another blow at his knee.  When his leg buckled and he fell to the floor, he knew that it was broken.  “Justin,” he pleaded to his son as he forced himself to stand.  “How could you?”

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