Fan fiction combining season one of Queer as Folk and (loosely based on) Vampire the Masquerade. The tale of Brian Kinney plunged into a world of vampires where he finds himself entangled with Justin Taylor and other creatures of the night. There is adult content and language.

Brian felt his lover’s sorrow and responded by softly thumbing away Justin’s tears.  He gently eased Justin’s face towards his own pressing their lips together.  There was a part of Brian that wanted to twist Justin on his back and ride him all morning, but that would have to wait until later.  In a few hours, Brian would be at the Conclave and hopefully, Craig Taylor would be out of his hair…he just didn’t know how?  Death?  Or banishment?    


“I hope you weren’t planning on speaking to our Prince without my presence,” Justine said walking into the third floor loft where Lazarus stood talking with Cardano.

“Never, mistress,” Lazarus replied waving a hand towards one of the only chairs in the almost empty space.  “I had a man fetch him…he should be here any moment.”

“You wouldn’t be talking about me would you?”

“Brian,” Lazarus said.  “Within the hour you’ll be at the Conclave with some very important issues to tackle.  I wanted to talk to you about how to deal with said issues, if I may.”

“You may not,” Brian replied plopping down in a chair.  “I already went through everything this morning with Isis and Primogen Ryder and honestly, I don’t want to go through that boring shit again.”

“It may be boring, but it is important,” Lazarus said, his face showing a great displeasure for the turn of events.  “Such as the fate of Craig Taylor who-”

“Who will be banished,” Brian finished.

“Banished?”  Justine moved closer to Brian and stood over him.  “That’s absurd!  If we banish him, he’s just going to leave, get a bigger army then return to reclaim the throne!  Are you nuts?”

“I must agree with our young Prince here, banishment is better,” Lazarus disagreed.  “That way we can make an example of him.”

“Killing him is a very good example!”  Justine, at her wits end, threw up her arms and pleaded with her Prince. “How can I get you to change your mind?”

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