Hiya! If you’re seeing this, then you’ll probably like it! This is a cute story about a girl who wants to be a dragon-keeper, and she’s living with a dragon-keeper who might just make her one! Sequel after ” It”s a baby dragon ‘, you should read that story before this one! Enjoy!

Keeper of one scaly creature

(sequel to It’s a baby dragon)

By Anita Quach

Alana woke up with a start. The sound of a rooster squawking brazenly, the groans of early morning people rising, even the smell of delicous bacon and eggs frying… it all seemed so much like her home, which she left so long ago. Maybe she was home at last… then she took a good look at the bed, the walls, and quickly landed splat-bang back into reality. No way did she have dragon-patterned blankets, dragon-patterned pillows – and yes, the walls were covered in dragons of all shapes and sizes. “Yeek!” Alana almost threw her -very heavy, dragon patterned- duvet in fright when a writhing dragon on the wall started to crawl towards her. A flap in the almost seamless walls opened and Forrean peeked in. “You awake?” His eyes almost popped when he saw Alana on the edge of the bed, a very big duvet on her head, staring back at him. “Yes, you are.” he concluded. 

“Yes I am. What’s with all the dragons?” Alana asked with a grimace, quickly removing the blanket from her head. Forrean grinned broadly.

“I’m a dragon-keeper, right? What dragon-keeper wouldn’t like dragons?” Forrean was one of those dragon-keepers, and a very good one at that.

Alana scowled at him, but got out of bed anyway, to point a shaking finger at him. “As part of my payment for getting dear Jackie back, please change these bedsheets for something-” she flung a creeped-out look back at the duvet, “much more sensible!” ‘Jackie’ was a baby dragon, that Alana had rescued from the old streets of her hometown, Arcarn – and brought it back to its owner, whom she was talking(wait, scrap that; arguing) with. Forrean laughed, shaking his head. “Sorry, dragon-patterned stuff is all I have.” 

Alana glared at him, then finally relented, putting her finger down. “Aww. Too bad.” 

Forrean rolled his eyes, but said, “You want breakfast? Bacon, and eggs – sunny side up.” 

Alana’s eyes widened, a massive grin forming on her face She just realised she was starving. “Oh, really? Gimme-!” Laughing, they chased each other down the hallway to the bright and welcoming kitchen, to get her much-needed breakfast.


“No. No. No.”

“But I want it.”

“Ohh no, you don’t!”

“Don’t make me have to go over there and get it-!”

Liked it
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