Learn about the Eidolon Shiva in Final Fantasy 13.

Shiva is one of the six Eidolons that are in Final Fantasy 13.  Each character has its own Eidolons as well as their own unique abilities.  You find Eidolons throughout the game and have to “capture them” to gain their immense power.  Each Eidolon has two forms, a normal combat form and a vehicle form.  Both can be used during different times in a battle.

In Final Fantasy 13 Shiva is the unique Eidolon to Snow that is acquired in Chapter 3.  Shiva has been seen in almost every final fantasy that has contained some form of Summons.  No matter what Final Fantasy it is Shiva is the queen of ice.

In Final Fantasy 13 Shiva is unique that she is actually two sisters that fight by your side.  During normal battle Stiria, the first sister, assumes a supporting role as a medic and synergist.  When she does not need to protect she will attack your enemies with ice magic.  Nix, the second sister is a commando type fighter which allows her to deal massive damage.

In Gestalt mode both sisters turn into a motorcycle.  Attacking together gives you the power of a wheelie, spinfreeze, icicle drift and ice ramp.  Their ultimate attack is known as diamond dust that hits all enemies with massive ice damage.

The combination between shiva and snow is a force to be reckoned with.

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