punishments. loved, passionately loved vykonavatelské art, namely, love is only for art. it caused him pleasure, and as Patricius from the time of the Roman Empire, when he zevšedněly common and the pleasure he got tired of them, inventing a variety of refined pleasure, various unnatural, only to vibrate slightly and pleasantly polehtal his fat hairy soul.

Behold bring prisoners to punish; Žerebjatníkov is executor; one look at a long, straight line of soldiers with thick rods no longer brings in enthusiasm. Satisfied, bypassing the line and arranges them emphatically that each did his duty snažlivě, conscientiously, although … The soldiers, however, know what it means while. But there is already bringing the offender himself, and yet if it is not yet known to Žerebjatníkovem, if not heard about him even with all its details, he caused him to an example of such a joke. (It is understood, it was one hundred of his jokes, was a lieutenant in the inexhaustible inventiveness.) Every prisoner at that moment when she undresses and tie his hands to pažbám rifles, for which non-commissioned officers then pulled him through a “green street”, each convict, Ride with the general custom, always begins at that moment,

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