Philippine Literature / Philippine History: Story summary of "Ibong Adarna" (The Adarna Bird), written by Huseng Sisiw. People love this story probably because of the great adventures of the characters, and the romance surrounding the magical bird Adarna. Part two of three.

Ibong Adarna (The Adarna Bird) Story Summary (Part 2)

{Part 1}… Don Juan’s request to spare his wicked brothers was granted. And so the king, because of his fondness for the Adarna bird, ordered to take turns in wathching the bird every single night. But Don Pedro, once again, thought of a wicked plot against Don Juan. Instead of telling Don Juan that his task was to watch the bird for only three hours, Don Pedro asked Don Juan to watch for six hours. Because of this, Don Juan got so tired from watching the bird and fell asleep. And then his two brothers freed the bird whild Don Juan was asleep. When Don Juan awoke and found the bird missing, he had no other choice but to flee the palace. And the king was angered. He ordered Don Pedro and Don Diego to search for Don Juan so he may be punished.

The two found Don Juan, but during the three’s travel back to Berbanya, they found a mysterious water well on top of a mountain. The well had no water; it had clean borders, and even had a rope atop of it. And the three brothers decided to climb down the well. The one chosen to climb down was of course Don Juan. When he was finally inside the well, he discovered there was a palace, and he met two beautiful sisters, Doña Juana who was held capture by a giant, and Doña Leonora, who was imprisoned by a serpent.

The brave Don Juan defeated the giant, as well as the serpent. But because they were in haste to escape, Doña Leonora forgot to bring her magical ring which was on top of a table. Don Juan volunteered to go back and retrieve the ring, but once again, Don Pedro cut the rope of the well deserting Don Juan under, and then leaving away with Don Diego and the two princesses.

When they reached the palace, the two brothers wove their lies again, and asked if Don Pedro could be married to Doña Leonora, and Don Diego to Doña Juana. But before the marriages were granted, Doña Leonora asked the king if she could first fulfill her seven years of sworn celibacy. The king considered her wish and even gave her her own private quaters. Meanwhile, Don Diego was wedded to Doña Juana, and the kingdom rejoiced for six days.

In the meantime, Doña Leonora secretly asked her servant to search for Don Juan, who was found weak and almost lifeless. He was treated by the Wolf, and then he continued with his travel. Because he was so tired, he fell asleep, and was only awakened when he heard the Adarna bird singing. The bird narrated to Don Juan his brothers’ treachery, and advised Don Juan not anymore to return to the palace, for in Reyno De los Cristales, was to be found a yet more beautiful princess – Doña Maria, who was the sister of Isabel and Huana, and the daughter of King Salermo… Continued.. Part 3: Ibong Adarna (The Adarna Bird) Story Summary

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  • Ruby Hawk on May 7, 2010

    A very interesting story,

  • ace lloyd on Oct 17, 2011

    is that a summary??????????????? it is so looooooooooong

  • Anonymous on Feb 2, 2012

    I agree, a bit long. But it’s fine.

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