Philippine Literature / Philippine History: Huseng Sisiw’s "Ibong Adarna" (The Adarna Bird), a lyric peom or narrative pome, story summary translated in English. Part three or three.

Ibong Adarna (The Adarna Bird) Story Summary (Part 3)

… Continued from {Part 2}… In Reyno De los Cristales, was to be found a yet more beautiful princess – Doña Maria, who was the sister of Isabel and Huana, and was the daughter of King Salermo.

Don Juan endured a lot of hardships before finally reaching Reyno De los Cristales. He learned, with the help of the Eagle, that the sisters Isabel, Huana, and Maria, bathed in the pond at four AM. So when Doña Maria was bathing, Don Juan hid the princess’ clothes which became a way for them to meet and fall in love. Because of the princess’ attraction to Don Juan, she told him all about the secrets and cunning of the king. And in all of the impossible challenges of King Salermo to Don Juan, it was also Doña Maria who magically fulfilled them all, including: plowing a mountain and planting wheat, harvesting and serving it as bread for the king in the morning, all in just one day; transferring a castle to the sea with guarded soldiers; releasing twelve fishes to the sea and capturing them again inside a flask; getting the king’s ring from the sea; and a taming, wherein the princess risked her life and lost the tip of her forefinger because of Don Juan’s carelessness.

Because of the princess’ magic, Don Juan passed all of the king’s tests, so that in the morning, the king called for Don Juan and asked him to choose among the three princesses behind closed doors with only the princess’ forefingers protruding from the holed doors. Of course Don Juan didn’t miss choosing Doña Maria, whose finger was easily recognizable.

Nonetheless, because the king’s desire was for his daughter Doña Maria to not be separated from him, he planned to secretly urge Don Juan to go faraway to England to be wedded to the king’s rich sister there. And should Don Juan resist the offer, then he would be ordered killed. Doña Maria found out this plan by her father, so what Doña Maria decided was to immediately elope with Don Juan.

On the other hand, Don Juan made another mistake when he chose the wrong horse for their elopement. Instead of opening the seventh door, he picked the eighth one. And princess Maria was disappointed. Nonetheless, when the king pursued them on board the fastest horse, Doña Maria again made her magic work. She dropped her needles and it bacame an obstacle of thorns against their pursuers. The, she dropped her soap and became mounds. Lastly, she dropped a sea and succeeded. The shamed king gave up chasing them. But he left a curse – that may his daughter Doña Maria someday crawl on land being rejected by her lover – And with these last words the king died.

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